Tonia Martin, sexual predator, walks. Not really.

38 year old Tonia Hennessee Martin, former teacher’s aide at Rogers Creek Elementary School in Athens, Tennessee, has been fucking a 16 year old friend of her daughter. For this she was indicted on two counts of aggravated sexual assault and solicitation of a minor.

During the course of the investigation and in the courtroom Martin admitted to raping the boy.  But she did not enter a guilty plea as being in possession of a vagina is considered to be mitigating circumstances in our court system, if not outright exculpatory. Martin asked, on behalf of her vagina, to be granted a diversion from conviction. And the asshole judge granted it, lending some credibility to the term, “rape supporter.”

What this essentially means is that Martin will be placed on a kind of probation for two years. During that time she cannot go on school grounds or attend school functions, and she must refrain from contacting the kid she raped.  Court costs are also on her.

This wrist slapping is pretty typical in western court rooms, where the power of the law increasingly squares off with pussy power and the latter wins. Actually the latter puts the former in a Full Nelson till the former cries uncle and starts whimpering.

Ah well, you might think that at least some justice will be served, right? Surely the kiddy diddler Martin will be placed on some sort of state governed registry and at least barred from ever working in a professional capacity around children again.

That would be wrong to assume at all.  One court official reported that under the terms of the diversion Martin can apply to have her record expunged in just two years, thereby erasing any trace of evidence that she is a rapist.  This will free her to act as though none of this ever happened and all memory of her misdeeds will be lost.

But they may be wrong. 🙂

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