On November 16, 2012 – Dr. Warren Farrell spoke at a scheduled presentation at the University of Toronto, the name of the talk being Transforming the Boy Crisis.
It is not a secret that a now feminized education system is utterly failing boys and men. This is so well known that even feminists talk about it at length. Feminist commentator Hannah Rosin launched her own fame in 2010 by openly gloating about this, treating the increasing male marginalization with a distinct flavor of triumphalism.
In 2012, Obama, the American Feminist Head of State, announced in June “more women as a whole now graduate from college than men,” The president added,

This is a great accomplishment—not just for one sport or one college or even just for women but, for America. And this is what Title IX is all about.

It remains difficult to find a reading of this statement other than the purposeful exclusion and marginalization of men.
Dr. Farrell, a former member of the board of directors of the National Organization for Women in New York, correctly identifies the trend as a problem, and addressed it at his November talk at the University of Toronto. But not without opposition. None of this is new information, even to feminists, who still doggedly continue to claim they represent and strive for equality.
However, after years of study and criticism of this ideology and its proponents – with a learned expectation of nothing except lies, slander and violence by feminists, the exhibited behavior by the self identifying feminist protesters of Dr. Farrell’s talk has been a revelation.
Obviously, Danielle Sandhu – the former president of the TSU Student Union has outed herself as a political conformist, opportunist and hate driven ideologue. After student feminists assaulted Toronto Police attending the event to protect ticket holders from assault by gender ideologues, Sandhu gave an on camera interview claiming Dr. Farrell supports, incest, rape and violence. These claims are so outlandish that they pale only in comparison to additional video of the same event. This footage shows a yet to be identified woman verbally harassing a young man, likely a student attending Dr. Farrell’s presentation.
Her words, her facial expression and her body language provide a crystal clear demonstration of the established power, privilege, sadism and deep hatred underlying modern, mainstream feminism.

You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. You’re fucking scum. You are fucking scum. You fucking rape apologist, incest supporting, woman hating fucking scum. You’re fucking scum. Yeah, just another one.

The speaker of these extraordinary accusations turns her face upwards towards the young man being accused, and her face shows her physical pleasure and she studies the pain in her victim’s eyes. She is flanked by Toronto Police, who despite being assaulted by other attending feminists, will protect her from any harm.
She knows the man she is excoriating is none of the things she describes. Her words are not truly intended accusations. Her words are intended as a scourge. Her body flexes as she repeatedly pronounces her target “fucking scum,” punctuating her rhetoric by its cadence. Her total confidence is not bravery in the face of a malicious, violent sexual predator, it is the supreme confidence of a member of the social elite.
To hurl such abuse at individuals as vile as she is claiming would be physically dangerous – even in the immediate proximity of a phalanx of Toronto cops. She is in no danger, and it shows clearly in her posture. She is simply delighting in her power, her elevated and protected status, her conformism to popular ideology – and her ability to do harm in plain sight with no consequence.
She is her own generation’s brown shirt, and she knows it.
The man she harasses is in clear and obvious pain. In his early 20’s the violent condemnation from a superficially attractive young woman causes him pain he feels physically. This is clearly visible on his face. He is untermensch, and he knows it in his bones.
This event is not unique, of course. It is simply a recent and unusually clear exposition of the nature of the prevalent ideology of gender in our society. It is the same ideology taught in gender studies classes and funded by public money.
“You fucking rape apologist, incest supporting, woman hating fucking scum. You’re fucking scum.“
The only thing she really knows about the man she addresses with this torrent of abuse is that he is not what she claims, and that she can hurt him with impunity. She is clearly sadistic, unable and unwilling to recognize the humanity of anyone who does not slavishly and blindly agree with her own religion of hate.
In Vancouver, the same style of knowingly false rhetoric was tossed easily off by knife-armed feminist enforcers under the direction of Sasha Wiley Shaw, a politically active member of the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation.
In Wiley Shaw’s words to me: “Don’t talk to me because you hate women.” On my objection to her imputing a motive of malice to me, she immediately replied “I didn’t say anything about you.”
Except, of course, her 2 seconds earlier accusation of hatred of women, while her box-cutter armed enforcers removed posters which read in part: “You don’t hate or fear women do you? Of course not, because you are a decent human being.” This was followed by the poster’s concluding statement that “men’s rights are human rights.”
When not actually torn down, those particular posters were, in several months of postering, stencilled with a monosyllabic spray-painted rebuttal.


And this is feminism.
Neither Whiley Shaw, nor Danielle Sandhu, nor the yet-to-be-identified Toronto feminist delighting in her malice have any belief in their own accusatory, vicious language. It is simply the most harm they can do in public. They are limited only by their own imagination and ability, not by any concept of what is true, or by a moral compass. Their belief in right through the power of brutality, threat, censure, and the truncheons carried by Sasha Wiley Shaw’s praetorian guard are a crystal clear broadcast of the character of their ideology and goals.
Oh yeah, I know not all feminists are like that. I keep being told this, so it must be true. I just wonder, where are they, and why do I not hear them stridently denouncing this virulent conduct by their fellow ideologues?

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