Swedish feminists on the warpath against hate

Some of you might remember the infamous Swedish film clip where a group of Swedish feminists calling themselves S.C.U.M Sweden,  produced and posted a video on Youtube  depicting the point-blank shooting and murder of a man reading a newspaper. Read more about it here. Now another video have been posted on Youtube. This time they even threaten the swedish prime minister. This time it´s another radical left wing feminist group who call themselves “Skabbteatern” (Scabies theater) who are the producers. This new masterpiece is called “Du är en fitta, din fitta” (You are a cunt you cunt). They do love the C word, those feminists.

In this movie two women wearing ski masks are running around flaunting big guns. In the background you can hear a fateful female voice recite 14 names. The message is just as clear as it is threatening.

A wide array of people, all men of course, now have a reason to sleep a little less comfortable at night as they clearly are on the feminist hate list (death list?). In this part of the world, feminists of this variety usually mean business.

Welcome to Sweden, Mr Assange.

You are a cunt, you cunt
You are a cunt, you cunt

Lowlifes like Anders Breivik, the mass murderer from Norway, and Göran Lindberg,, the “ultra feminist” former chief of police, now serving time for multiple rapes  of young girls, get conflated with upstanding, wise and peaceful bloggers and political critics of feminism like Pär Ström and Medborgare X (Citizen x). I didn’t  make the list this time, which I am thankful for. The Swedish prime minister Fredrik Rheinfeldt and school minister Jan Björklund however are among the names on the list, though it´s kind of hard to understand why. Feminists don´t have anything to complain about when it comes to Swedish government.

Pär Ström by the way, who for a long time was Sweden’s  top blogger on this subject, has now declared that he will leave this debate altogether due to the amount of hate and threats against himself and his family. THAT is hate, just not the kind that sells newspapers.

Here you can see the newest example of Swedish tax dollars at work. I am aware that this will get the film a lot of hits on the tube, but maybe it should. As long as the hits are of the right kind.

Watch here.

The film clip is well produced; clearly not the work of amateurs. How much money this theater group receives in state funding is yet not clear but I am sure those figures will emerge. The film is said to be a protest against what the group calls “The growing hatred of women.” This is the new mantra of Swedish feminists and mainstream Swedish media. Any criticism of feminism, however sane and justified, is being described as “hatred against women.”

This is becoming a big “problem” in Sweden if you are to believe the state and corporate news. Apparently more and more Swedes are suddenly, inexplicably starting to “hate women.” They are now using this as an excuse to censor the web. They are closing down commenting opportunities, blaming it on what they call “hate, misogyny and racism.” However, as you are already aware, this is not what it is about at all.

In Sweden we still have one big forum that they can´t touch. The owners and servers are in the US and therefore protected against Swedish authorities under US laws of freedom of speech. It´s called Flashback.org. A kind of Reddit, but in Swedish. This is by far the most hated site in Sweden among the politically correct elite and feminists (often one and the same) simply due to the fact that it respects the freedom of speech. It is a beacon of light for Swedes; a breathing hole in the ice.

But I am straying from the subject.

On the webpage “classhate.com” the scabies theater describe the purpose of this latest work of art. Here you have the unique opportunity to pick the brain of a radical left wing Swedish feminist. You just have to read the first paragraphs to realize that there is something missing in the puzzle.

“Scabies Theatre initiated the short film “You are a cunt you cunt” because we felt a strong need to visualize that there is a conflict between women who fight for their rights – the feminists – and men who hate women. What makes this conflict so incredibly frustrating is that one side – the opponents of women and their rights – won´t agree that they are a united group with power, or even acknowledge that the conflict exists. Of course, the ability to define a conflict as a non-conflict or problem as a non-issue, is something that can only exist because of the precedence of the defining group based on its position of power.

“At the same time the number of misogynists in our society are growing and they become ever more virulent in their attacks on the group of people that dare to draw attention to the power structures that exists. The question then becomes: How the hell will we be able to reason with people who do not even want to admit that there is something to talk about?

“We did not select the fourteen persons we name in the movie because they are the only people who hate and oppose feminists, but to show that they share the same view, even if their methods are different.

“You are a cunt you cunt” is not a declaration of war, it is a response to the war that has been waged against us ever since we began to open our mouths, and our message is simple: anyone who disagrees with us can go to hell. We no longer have the stamina to coddle the empire of misogynistic, racist and capitalist pigs that oppresses us women and others in the community, to try to prove to them that we are worth something. Neither do we intend to give them the privilege to define how we should react to their oppression, which affects us very personally in our lives.

“We have every right to be angry. And we will use that right without the obligation of having to explain ourselves to idiots who are not interested in re-evaluating their perception of women or gender. This has never been about lack of information. We want to initiate a real debate about the reality in Sweden. One where you can not just cover up completely unacceptable values ??and a putrid humanity with bullshit.

“People who actually have the power shall not be able to escape the core of their actions with pointless empty phrases as “we care about people”, when their actual actions show that they despise all what humanity is. You have no right to call yourselves”feminists” if you do not lift a finger to improve the situation of women or even worse, actively work against women.

“We have a responsibility to stand up for what we think is right, even if it is uncomfortable. We want to use this this film also to reach out to all who openly dare to criticize misogyny, racism, fascism and nationalism. We want to form a united front where we who have had enough of the current trend towards an inhumane society know that we can count on each other’s support. The more we become , and the more public space we take to fight against these atrocities, the more we can make it clear once and for all that we do not accept what those bastards do.”

So there you have it, You can either agree with the feminists of Sweden or go to hell.

An eternity burning in agonizing pain suddenly doesn’t  sound so bad.

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