Mike Buchanan’s interview about positive discrimination, BBC Radio London

I was interviewed recently at some length (16 minutes) on BBC Radio London by veteran broadcaster Jeni Barnett on the topic of positive discrimination (“PD”). The interview is here. I would ask you to read the commentary beneath the audio file before listening to it, for a number of reasons. It has a little background: Kirsty Wark, a leading radical feminist BBC presenter, has been the beneficiary of PD on the grounds of gender, nationality, and age, and is a supporter of PD—hardly surprisingly. The commentary has the times at which various contributors speak, and ends with some insightful (and at times amusing) comments from a J4MB supporter, explaining how and why the overuse of the word “misogyny” by feminists has rendered the word meaningless.

A (male) speaker who writes for the Guardian predictably followed the feminist party line. I was asked the following question at 22:15:

Do you like women, Mike?

It wasn’t an unexpected question, so I was prepared for it and responded accordingly. In most of my BBC Radio interviews the presenters (of both sexes) have alleged or implied that I’m a misogynist. The men—white knights, invariably—are often worse than the women in this respect.

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