Feminism has a Mussolini flavor

The French newspaper Le Monde called us “extremists” when we dared to compare feminist ideology with the KKK’s worldview or with National-Socialist ideology[1].

But the problem is that the comparison between national-socialism and feminism – and between the individuals who adhere to (any of) these two ideologies – is rooted in factual reality. Not a week goes by without seeing some feminists expressing eugenic policies as something desirable to be conducted against the human male population and rarely a day goes by without seeing an egregiously misandric message being promoted through a mainstream media channel. This state of affairs is quite similar to the ones described by people that lived in Germany in the 1930s.

But besides this general state of affairs almost throughout the world (as it’s increasingly hard to find a place on the map that has not been affected), Italian men and boys, after being declared a war against by their own government[2], can see it even closer.

Laws that make crimes punished more strongly if the alleged victim is a woman and laws that allow feminist lawyers to start court cases that cannot be stopped by the alleged female victims – are being proposed in Italy right now after the two major parties have lost the elections due to their corruption and were compelled into a forming a joint government in order to avoid seeing Beppe Grillo’s 5 star movement getting anywhere close to the power.

In this political environment, a misandric law is proposed and likely to be passed. The law states, amongst other things, an egregiously misandric principle:[3]

The punishment is increased by 33% up to 50% if the crime […] is committed against women …

This law proposal belongs to Alessandra Mussolini.  In 2006 she defined her political ideas as follows:

I am proud of being a fascist … better fascist than gay.

Her grandfather was the national-socialist dictator Benito Mussolini (former member of the Italian Socialist Party) who imposed racist laws in 1938 and was executed in 1945[4].

MussolinicropAfter some stripper activity for PlayBoy and other media, thanks to her name, Alessandra Mussolini entered in politics in 1992 with MSI (Movimento Sociale Italiano – The Italian Social Movement). MSI was essentially the national-socialist party – although the name “fascist” or “national-socialist” was not used because it was forbidden. MSI later changed its name into AN (Alleanza Nazionale – the National Alliance).

She abandoned AN in 2003 when its leader, Gianfranco Fini, went to Israel begging pardon for the race laws passed in Italy in the year 1938.  Then, Alessandra Mussolini founded her new fascist party, remaining irrelevant until finally she joined the Berlusconi’s populist party, PdL(Popolo della Libertà – The People of Freedom) in the year 2008.

Her relations with feminism have not always been good. In 2001, in a TV program, Mussolini kicked the minister for Equal Opportunities. In 2010, another minister for Equal Opportunities told that Mussolini is a “Vajassa” (referring in Napoletan dialect to her intellectual level). But when Berlusconi made her the president of the commission for children (!!), she started helping alienating mothers coming closer to feminism.

In a TV program in 2012 she went on to say:

I am not sure that I would allow a child to have contact with the father

The other laws, proposed by the left component of the feminist/fascist alliance, are even more dangerous because the racket of false “gender violence” accusations is controlled by leftoid feminists.

According to their laws, they want 85 million € (113.5 million US$) to make shelters for women only. Since many women refuse to go to their shelters, feminists consider that women are idiots who are not able to choose wisely what to do.  So they propose a law according to which proceedings against men can be started by third parties (in practice by feminist lawyers that gain over the conflicts), without the consent of the alleged victim, and cannot be stopped. In other words, you don’t have to do anything – it’s enough for the State to decide to intervene into your family and they’ll soon be able to do it with impunity.

Furthermore, they propose a law that allows non-EU women to get a residence permit by just making a false claim of “gender violence”, presumably against Italian men [5].

In other words, if you are a woman and want to live in Italy – just go there, make a random allegation of “gender violence” and the problem is solved as no-one will dare anytime soon to question what are you talking about or even express mild skepticism to your claims.

So, next time you have doubts that feminism has no place in the same sentence with words like “equality” – just look into the laws of Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK, France, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Moldova, Romania and so many other European nations.

Feminism is, and has always been, about money, political power and statist control.

Welcome to the Brave New World!
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