Facebook censors political infographic

I recently posted an article advising AVFM readers that Facebook had capitulated to feminist bullying under the auspices of “fighting sexism and the glorification of rape and violence against women.”
I also warned you to not believe their cited examples of tasteless memes that portrayed female victims of rape and violence because the real reason for the initiative was, in fact, to assert feminist hegemony over thought and expression at the social networking giant. I warned you that their “anti-sexism” campaign was, in fact, a sexist power grab; that their real intention was to silence the growing amount of dissent against feminist ideology and feminist lies.
They wasted no time in proving me right.
As I went to log in to the AVFM Facebook page I landed on an (un)expected page. It was a reproduction of a graphic I had produced challenging the notion of rape culture, citing statistics from three major universities. As you can see on the graphic there was no glorification of rape or violence against women, just a cold examination of the oft touted 1 in 4 rape statistic and the proclamation that it, and rape culture, are bullshit…which is true.
See it here for yourself.
This is what facebook now dictates is against “community standards.” That is, dissent from feminist propaganda, no matter how misleading.  I think that is worth saying again. Facebook has now declared that feminist dogma is the prevailing and unquestionable community standard by which now hundreds of millions of Facebook users musts abide.
They have also banned me from posting to the Facebook page for 12 hours. I suppose this is designed to give me time to reflect on my failure to comply with their desire that I agree with false information, or at least have the good sense to not believe I can object to falsehoods in their community.
Having no choice but to comply with their lockout, I will wait out the time and then post this article to the AVFM Facebook page, for as long as they allow it to exist. At this point I do not expect it to be too long.
Like I said in my earlier article: It’s on now. And frankly, that does not mean a great deal. Facebook is one of the largest websites in the world, worth billions of dollars. If they are choosing to adopt a policy of banning the truth, which they clearly are, then there is little any of us can do to stop them.
Just the same, I do invite as many of you as possible to post this article to your personal blogs and yes, your Facebook pages.
Folks, as is obvious their intent all along has been to silence YOU. Now, the only question that remains is whether you so value Facebook in your life that you will let it happen without something of a fight.

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