As Expected: Physical Fitness Standards Lowered and Delayed Again for Female US Military Members

While writing this, I just got an email update that the Military Justice Improvement Act has been passed in congress and is on its way to being signed by the President as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.  I am going to have to do some digging to see exactly what changes and amendments have been made.  Initially, it looks like the worst case scenario. MC

As we have seen so many times before, military standards for females are reduced in order for them to be “equal.”

The United States Marine Corps quietly announced recently on social media that the current requirement for female Marines to do a minimum of three (3) pull-ups as part of their training by January 1, 2014 has been delayed for another year.  Currently, females are not required to do even a single pull-up, but rather a test called a “flexed-arm hang” in which they can score points based on the amount of time that they can hang from a pull-up bar absent any gear.  A maximum score can be obtained if they hang for 70 seconds with their chin over the bar.

U.S. Marine Corps spokesman Captain Eric Flanagan stated that 55% of female recruits tested at the end of boot camp were unable to do three pull-ups as compared to 1 percent of male recruits.  Off the record, Marine Corps Officers stated that mandating the three pull-up rule at this time would risk losing new recruits as well as current female Marines who could not pass the test.

Three pull-ups? Really?  I’m an old guy with two rotator cuff surgeries and can still do 15-20 during a routine workout.  Hell, I can do three with just my nose hair. Who in their right mind; in any branch of the military would want anyone, male or female, who could not do the basic minimum in order to pass boot camp?  Even three is not sufficient for combat operations and I wouldn’t want a male next to me who could only do the minimum.

This just goes to show you that despite the vast preparation programs afforded to prospective military recruits, especially women, the knowledge ahead of time of the physical fitness requirements that well over half of all women, at the end of boot camp still can’t perform the minimum.  So much for equality.  How are they going to perform under stressful combat conditions wearing 20-30 pounds of body armor, 50-60 pounds of gear, helmet, weapon and ammo, while bullets and RPG’s are flying?

Author Walter Williams in a 1999 article entitled “Feminization of the Military” reported on a study conducted at the women’s boot camp at Parris Island South Carolina which found that nearly half of all female recruits didn’t have sufficient strength to throw a hand grenade with enough distance to keep from injuring themselves.

Take a look at this video.

Three were nearly killed, two of them male.

An initial kill radius of a standard hand grenade is approximately 5 meters while the injury radius is about 15 meters, and for the sake of argument, a hand grenade weighs about a pound.  If you’re within about 50 feet of an exploding grenade, you’re going to get hit with something.

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, a military expert author and Fox News contributor has stated that the military, despite all the post-modern technology is still essentially physical.  He stated “If you can’t pull yourself up, have the decency to pull yourself out.”

Pentagon Insider and retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. McGinnis, in his book “Deadly Consequences: How Cowards are Pushing Women into Combat” states that this vast social experiment will have deadly consequences.”  “We are sacrificing combat effectiveness on the altar of political correctness.”

This book should be a must read for every member of Congress and the Department of Defense.  If you want political correctness, this is not it.

Physical fitness standards have declining for years for female members and recruits.  Now when the feminist minded rocket scientists at the Pentagon make it policy to allow women in combat units, they can’t get a substantial number to pass the most basic of fitness standards to be effective.  So they delay the minimum requirements for yet another year in preparation for the implementation of females in combat units by 2016.

After so many studies spanning a number of years, basic common sense would dictate that the vast overwhelming majority of women simply do not possess the physical strength necessary to perform effective combat operations.  Are there some women who are fit enough for combat duty?  I am sure there are, but the numbers do not justify radical lowering of basic fitness standards in order to satisfy some feminist social experiment.

Are there females who can do a variety of jobs in the military?  Of course there are, and they are needed, but not in front line combat units.  It’s one thing to pass a basic minimum fitness test but another thing to “Man-Up” when the shit hits the fan.  I am not even going into the other related physical and medical issues nor the social issues that make this a ridiculous proposition.

Yet despite all of this knowledge, the studies, the opinions of medical experts and evidence, exercise physiologists, physical fitness instructors, the Pentagon is still pushing this forward to satisfy the microgram of exceptionally loud feminists who claim that women can do everything a man can do.  Ask that same question to the young male infantry Soldier or Marine who is put in harm’s way and getting ready to clear a building or engage in a firefight with insurgents, or jump over a wall to get clear of a suicide bomber.

Men have already borne the brunt of the vast overwhelming number of wartime deaths and injuries.  The enemies to world peace that our nation and other nations face constantly strive to outdo and exploit our military weaknesses.  With political correctness run amok and in a state of feminist lunacy, why would anyone in a position of decision making, willingly place us at further risk?

I think that if you ask the fathers, sons, brothers and friends on the front lines and in harm’s way the same questions, you will get the same sentiment.


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