In the age of misandry, each and every day is a day when you can say, “Just when I thought I saw it all.”

Now a man ends up in prison for rape… because he lied about his religion.

Just recently in Israel an Arab man was sentenced to 18 months in prison for “raping” a Jewish woman. A court ruled that her consent to having sex with the man, who she had just met, was invalid because the man had told the woman he was Jewish.

The story went like this. The couple met in 2008 by serendipity in downtown Jerusalem. The man, 30 year old Sabbar Kashur, allegedly told the woman he was a Jewish bachelor seeking a serious relationship. Preliminaries dispensed with, the couple immediately retreated to a nearby building and had sex.

Later the woman, who is of course unnamed, discovered that Kashur was not Jewish and filed charges. The judges in the case agreed with her, citing that “If she hadn’t thought the accused was a Jewish bachelor interested in a serious romantic relationship, she wouldn’t have cooperated.”


Wait just a damned minute. The idea that sex is something that happens just by the “cooperation” of the woman rules out the idea that mutually consensual sex ever happens in the first place. Two people don’t find themselves attracted to each other and just decide to have sex? The man decides, and the woman only cooperates with him?

While racism also obviously played a role in this (Israelis imprison Arabs by the truckload), it is also clear that modern day Israeli coochie has lapdogs aplenty in their criminal justice system.

Now, I am not going to bash this woman for having sex with a man as part of a formal introduction. It is a free sexual world and women have gained the sexual liberation they demanded. That works for me.

But you have to ask, just how discerning could she have been if her only criteria for cooperating with him was to hear he was Jewish and single? Ah, but as always is the case these days, the lesson in discernment here is for him.

I suppose it never entered the judges minds that she got to know this guy well enough to satisfy her criteria, and obvious desire, for a quick fuck, and then turned legal terrorist when she found out her Mr. Right Now had not been as forthcoming as she wanted.

It puts women in the role of very dangerous children, and makes every man a predator.

How man men have, say, lied about their income to make themselves more appealing to the money grubbers out there? Are they now all rapists? How about the guy that is a recovering alcoholic and doesn’t want to tell someone that until he knows them well enough? Is he a rapist for not putting that on the table?

Where are the limits to this? And it must be asked, though it certainly won’t be in any venue that matters, what about women that lie to men in order to get them interested in a sexual relationship?

I once had a woman lie to me about her age. If she had told the truth, I would likely have passed. Did she rape me?

Sorry, I forgot, only women can be raped.

Sexual freedom has become a womans domain, and with it has come unfettered power to take on the role of black widow, destroying any man with whom she cooperates. One more rigged game in a rigged system where women hold all the cards and men just pay for whatever their whim of the moment happens to be.

I know, I know. Not all women are like that.

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