#WomenAgainstFeminism rocks

Hear ye, hear ye, feminists — one and all. Welcome to the world of being fucked. And by fucked I mean figuratively, of course, but nonetheless fucked, good and proper, publicly and most definitely without your enthusiastic consent.

In fact, the process of your being ideologically sodomized is about to take place as the whole world watches, the majority of which will be laughing hysterically.

To some it may seem like this is happening overnight. That is not the case. People, the non-bigoted, non-hateful, non-sexist, non-ideological kind — who have an honest interest in the area of equal rights — have been chipping away at every lie, distortion, research corruption, biased law, hate speech, cheap attempts at damseling and outright fraud that have been the hallmarks of modern feminism for quite some time now.

A Voice for Men has gone from a one man blog to a mounting social force in six years, and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, quite the opposite seems to be the case.

More recent events, however, might add to the misperception that feminism as we know it is “suddenly” transitioning from ‘the toast of the town’ to just ‘toast.’

Women Against Feminism is a Facebook Page that started January 3 of this year. A few days ago it had about 2,000 likes. Then something happened on Twitter. The #womenagainstfeminism hashtag started trending in a big way. There are now over 14,000 likes to the Facebook page, and I am betting that increases exponentially in the very near future.

Simply put, feminists, a whole lot of women are getting sick of your shit and they are through being silent about it.


womenagainst111For fifty years, lying hacks from Gloria Steinem to Andrea Dworkin to Jessica Valenti to Amanda Marcotte (and thousands of lying hacks in between) have been claiming to speak for all women, on all matters while generally implying that any woman who disagrees with them must be mentally deficient or brainwashed.

The mainstay of their rhetoric is that women as a class are oppressed and that men are the oppressors (patriarchy); that women are good and men are bad, and of course the Grand Canard: Masculinity is the root of all social evils.

Since a discussion on projection isn’t really needed here I will skip it. I will say instead that the future reputation of these women is now certain to be markedly different than they ever imagined it. The house of cards is falling. The sandcastle kingdom is about to be swept away by a growing wave of women who are, more than anything else, just plain weary of being cast as victims and of watching the men and boys they love being cast as demons.

They are just plan sick of the “empowerment through victim identity” meme, and they have had enough of it.

Equally important, they appear to the weathering the expected backlash against them without a care in the world.

Like I said, uh-oh.  When your message has become so shopworn and transparently false that it triggers the gag instinct in your intended consumers, then, well, then you are fucked.

This short article, believe it or not, is intended as an invitation to feminists to start doing some damage control, if it is not too late.

I just read an email that was forwarded to me. It originated with someone who called herself an “equity” feminist. The note wavered between sounding quite defensive and sounding like a plea for mercy.

As Women Against Feminism increases its reach, and as other women’s and dual sex groups form and grow (which is now literally assured), you will see more backlash on blogs and in the media, as we have already seen of late.

It won’t last.

The tone will change from haughty indignation to a more consistent plea for understanding from the masses that feminists are not the evil bigots that so many people are saying they are. (gee, that sounds familiar, eh?)

They will not get that mercy without earning it. That is not some edict that I am issuing from my position at AVFM. I have neither the power nor influence to control how anyone reacts to this. I am simply predicting the social physics of what is about to come.

Feminists, if you desire to not have the public at large see you as bête noire, you have to quit enabling crazy-ass, dangerously hateful feminists with your complicit silence.

Are you one of those “equity” feminists that have never uttered a word about Adele Mercier, Elizabeth Sheehy or Mary Koss? Then be prepared to be tossed into the chamber pot with these basilisks and the numbers of other feminists who simultaneously top out the hate and stupid meters.

Do you think the MHRM hates women? Is that what you write, tweet, Facebook, Instagram, etc.? Then buy some ideological Vaseline, because you are going to need it.

In short, if you are an “equity” feminist, then start advocating some fucking equity. And start taking on your sisters who are getting in the way.

Otherwise expect nothing else than legions more women holding up signs expressing in crystal clear terms why they don’t need you or your ideas. And when you start hearing the word feminist uttered publicly in the same derisive tone usually reserved for words like “bigot” and “scumbag,” often by women, you will know they are talking about you.

Modern feminism is going to die. It is at least partly up to you whether that death is swift and merciful or slow and infinitely more painful. Either way, it is doomed.

The good news is that once the toxic slime pit of modern feminism is cleared and decontaminated, we will then have a shot at joining men and women everywhere for a movement that makes the word equity actually mean something.


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