White Ribbons are for Women Too!

I would like to dedicate this post to the White Ribbon Campaign, a worldwide group which does such fine work depicting men as violent dirtbags and perpetrators, and women as innocent doves.

To my knowledge, the White Ribbon Campaign has never categorically admitted to being a feminist organization.

The White Ribbon Campaign has the following hash tag on twitter:


The WRC may also be messaged on Twitter:


The above video was filmed with the unwitting cooperation of the London public, at the sly instigation of two very convincing actors – one male, the other female.

“To raise awareness about domestic violence, Dare London in England set up three hidden cameras in a crowded park and staged two scenarios of domestic violence to see how strangers would react. When the man in the PSA physically attacks his girlfriend, several onlookers rush to woman’s aid. But when they recreate the same scenario with the woman physically attacking her boyfriend, it’s a different story.”

The only thing I don’t like about this is that they haven’t got the stones to say that 50% of DV victims (not 40%) are men. They’re still afraid of appearing politically incorrect, I reckon.

Still, I count this video as a “smoking gun.” Watch this, and you will understand why female violence against men is “invisible”. The underlying dynamic will become painfully clear to you, and if you still refuse to see what’s going on you are either a feminist or a moral idiot. Same difference, come to think of it.

When we are discussing items like this, we must never forget to underscore the moral nexus between feminism and such things. Breaking the silence about feminism, every chance you get, is a vital exercise that demands diligent practice.

The social double standard illustrated here is part of traditional culture. Feminism did not “create” this, but feminism most certainly feeds upon it, and grows fat upon it, and wouldn’t long survive without it.  Feminism is, in point of fact, only a modified form of traditional culture. Everything comes from somewhere, nothing emerges de novo from an ahistorical void, and so finally, there is nothing new under the sun.


Editorial note: Another hashtag to use, which is trending hot at the moment, is #yesallwomen and we suggest that yes, all women should see this video and read this message. –DE

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