Tim Hunt is not the issue. Toxic feminism is.

Yesterday feminists across the first world screamed in outrage over an old man having an unpopular opinion. Why? Because this man happened to be a nobel prize winner in science: Tim Hunt.

Now I am going to present an equally unpopular opinion: I really could not care less if there are sexist men in science. There I said it. Why you may ask? Because science isn’t all about gender. Science is about merit and finding universal truths. If we were to toss out every person in the scientific field with unpopular opinions that are unrelated to their work, we’d have no one left.

Think of how many deeply religious Islamic women there are in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in middle eastern countries in comparison to the rest of the world. A good portion of them are going to be anti gay, because unlike Christianity where there’s supposedly some room for interpretation, Islam is very clear about it’s stance on homosexuality being a sin.

Try suggesting that we kick out all the anti-gay muslims in science because they aren’t progressive enough and see what happens. What about every scientist who’s ever said something un-PC? You would have to lower standards just to get people to fill the jobs.

Now I know feminists would have you believe that every woman in science is a rational perfect flower, who never fucks up or says anything offensive, but we’re all human here. Let He/She/Xie who has never said a single offensive thing in their lives cast the first stone.

People today believe that great people in history were flawless. They were never racist, sexist, discriminatory, or had weird beliefs. Yeah do a little research sometime. Because the more you dig, the more you find that the men and women we view idealistically were far from perfect.

Often these people are like storms in a bottle. That’s what makes them different. That’s what makes them able to think outside the box. The more rules and restrictions you place on them, the harder it becomes for these people to exist and do the things they do,

But society seems to only want science if it comes from perfect unoffensive boring people who never shake things up. They want people who are so afraid to step out of line that they would rather stay quiet and keep their job, than speak up and go against the establishment.

What did Tim Hunt really say that was offensive? That romantic entanglements are a distraction in science? That some women in science can’t take criticism? Neither of those things are incorrect. Did he suggest segregation? No! Did he say women were entirely incompetent? No!

Feminists project their feelings and paranoid delusions about men onto every man that steps out of line. Hell he doesn’t even have to step out of line. If he even grazes the line, they blow up and ask that we place that man’s head on a pike. They will metaphorically burn him at the stake.

But what is the feminist excuse for this? They claim that there is a systematic bias against women. Yet how many men in science stood behind women in the decision to take down Tim Hunt? How many men white knighted on twitter, and called for his resignation?

Feminists scream that women have no power in the first world, but they are given anything they ask for. They would burn science to the ground if it meant that no one would be offended. They would have us go into the dark ages if it would give them power in a visible way.

Which is why I would take a bigoted male scientist over a screaming feminist any day of the week. Because the bigot is at least honest about his bigotry. He won’t feign innocence, tolerance, and acceptance like feminists do. The open bigot is at least somewhat aware that his bigotry is based in emotion, where as the feminist will claim that her bigotry is noble and just,

She believes that her justifying her discrimination is all for the greater good. All because of some power + privilege inter-sectional bullshit that overly simplifies the murky waters of human interactions to race, sexuality, and genitalia. They talk people in circles trying to sound as if they are any closer to solving these human problems than the rest of us. They aren’t and at their best they are making things worse.

Inter-sectional feminists entering STEM ruin STEM for other women. They do it by being overly sensitive easily offended emotional basketcases. So then when other women come into the same space who aren’t this way, their male colleagues will keep their distance, and pass those women up for job opportunities. Not because they are women, but because they are afraid of confrontation and the stakes are higher in those higher ranking positions.

You aren’t going to place high risk people in high ranking positions like this. Why would you? Feminists look at this and will call this male privilege. They don’t see how accusing every man of transgressions, whether real or imagined, affects the morale of a workplace. It makes men less likely to trust new women coming into those spaces.

But what do feminists do? They see this hostility, and say that it’s good. That the men complaining are just mad that women are taking power, and that the women who object just don’t understand feminism and need to move out of the way, This kind of drama is bad for science.

But if you even suggest that there may be more complex reasons for why there are less women in STEM, they jump all over you. They push and bully, and demand that everyone make special accommodations just for them. It’d be like inviting someone to a birthday party, only to find that they’ve stolen the cake and taken a shit on the table.

All the while screaming, “This cake is mine! I deserve it, because all my life people have deprived me of cake! You don’t deserve this cake! You’re cake privileged! How dare you tell me to share! You’re only upset that I’m getting what I deserve!”

The fucked up party guest doesn’t realize that a party belongs to everyone invited to that party. Then maybe she gives a piece to the handful of people that kiss up to her. She’ll throw that single piece of cake in the corner for them to fight over. Then as the police are carrying this psycho off the premises, she will scream that this is just another sign of oppression.

This is what entitlement does to a space. Feminism turns people against one another, and leads women to believe the worst of their male colleagues. If they fail to get their work done, if they create a hostile work environment, if they do nothing worth mentioning, they will suggest that the reason that they are not moving up, is because of discrimination.

But that is really what this is all about. It is about mediocre women who believe that they are better at what they do than they actually are, screaming that the reason they can’t get ahead is patriarchial oppression. It’s not just science, it’s every field. Even fields that women are less suited for on average. Fields that require extreme upper body strength,

So if you are a woman, who has done everything right, who works hard, and does her job, and you’re wondering why your male colleagues have you at arms length, this is why. It’s not you, it’s that the current political and social climate has made your very existence in a space political. They have made you a risk and a liability.

If anyone objects to this, or points it out, people strike them down. If anyone suggests that women are human, and capable of mistakes, it will be suggested that they believe all women incompetent, and they will be out of the door before they can blink.

So thanks feminism for placing the most sensible and accomplished women in the worst position possible. Thank you for taking away freedoms and calling it progressive. Thank you for making women in STEM unemployable walking lawsuits and being entirely incapable of understanding how that happened.

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