The bizarre feminist response to Islamic terror in Orlando

A gay but Islāmic man has to be a deeply conflicted man. He is expected to marry and sire children, hate homosexuality to the point of bringing a “compassionate death to gay men,” and deny his most basic sexual nature. When he cannot deny it any longer, he acts on it but this just worsens his internal conflict. Eventually he may snap, and kill as many gay infidels as he can before dying himself.

This is the only narrative of the gay nightclub massacre in Orlando that makes any sense. Several sources, including his ex-wife, are confirming that Omar Mateen was gay and a frequent guest at the gay bar he eventually savaged. His immigrant Afghan parents and community would’ve pushed on him traditional Muslim models of heteronormativity with a fervor we can only imagine. The resulting self-loathing son was a time bomb with only one logical outcome.

Feminists, however, had a number of bizarre, man-hating, pro-terrorist reactions to the tragedy.

Ignoring the conflict between his gayness and his faith, my forever frisky cuddle-skunk Amanda Marcotte opined at Salon that it was his “toxic masculinity” that drove a gay man to kill gay men. In any other context, the suggestion that the problem with gay men is that they are just too darn masculine would be hilarious. Ironically, Marcotte describes men who challenge her repugnant theory as “whiny dudes,” tipping us off to the source of men’s masculine posturing: judgmental women who reject men they consider less than masculine. Like her, for example:

Every time feminists talk about toxic masculinity, there is a chorus of whiny dudes who will immediately assume — or pretend to assume — that feminists are condemning all masculinity, even though the modifier “toxic” inherently suggests that there are forms of masculinity that are not toxic.

While Marcotte and other feminists would choke on the phrase “radical Islam” because she would see “radical” as an demeaning intensifier rather than a qualifier, she nevertheless defends the demeaning construction “toxic masculinity” as if men should have no feelings about her savaging of men – and yet again she seeks to shame men with the very thing she despises.

Like all gaslighting feminists, my poof-baby Marcotte loves to create the men she would destroy. “Toxic masculinity,” if it exists, would end tomorrow if women more desirable than Marcotte started rejecting and discouraging masculinity in men – men are slavishly in tune to women’s perceptions of maleness and would quickly adjust to softer, less aggressive lifestyles if the sexual marketplace demanded them.

Furthermore, Marcotte would have us believe that nothing would stop an Islamic terrorist faster than a feminist wagging her finger at the men protecting her sorry self. Sort of like Hillary stopped Bill from philandering, perhaps?

At least as bizarre as Marcotte was the response of , who used her female privilege to warn people like me not to write about Orlando at all:

If you are a cisgender, heterosexual, white person, please do not write about the largest mass shooting in American history, which took place this Sunday at a gay club called Pulse in Orlando during the venue’s Latino night.

After brutally rejecting the perspective of an entire class of people, this kooky lesbian goes on to explain why rejecting people (like she just did) is a bad thing:

The worst part of an event like this for someone like me is that it “justifies” my mother’s rejection of me. She was fearful that something very much like this would happen to me if I chose to live queerly, and her response was to try and crush it out of me in any way she could. When she couldn’t accomplish that, she simply withdrew from me to mitigate her own risk of loss and suffering as a parent. Of course, that only drove me to seek out my chosen queer family with even greater urgency.

I can only respect the true spirit of her words by telling her, respectfully, to fuck off and die: I am not your slave, and I will never respect you nor any other feminist position associated with you ever again.

The nerve of that entitled twit is astonishing and indeed, inspiring – she knows how destructive rejection is, she has felt it herself, and yet she flings it about with a cavalier disregard worthy of a sow flinging slop.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so harsh – the incredible level of domestic violence in lesbian relationships like hers (up to 45%) is answer enough.

The primary identity killed in the Orlando massacre was not feminist twerps – it was MEN – 43 of the 49 victims by my count. Men like Cory Connell, a straight, cisgender, white boy whose masculinity was so toxic he saved his girlfriend’s life at the cost of his own. Cory was 21 years old.

It is the voices of men we should be listening to, not the voices of man-hating feminists dancing their jig of sorrow.



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