Recent stories shine a light on feminist insanity

During the past two weeks I decided to copy links to a number of articles which appeared online and in our local media, all of which were connected to feminism.

Each one is an example of the utter madness, incoherence and hypocrisy underpinning their ideology.

I must confess that I have lost respect for so many people I once admired in recent years. I suppose that’s the price you pay for seeing them unmasked and exposed for what they truly are — craven moral cowards and spiteful, embittered losers.

Sir Michael Caine is a man I have always loved on the big screen and as a person. Whenever I saw him interviewed, he came across as a man with both feet firmly planted on the ground with no hint of the prima donna and no holier than thou lecturing-until this week.

Michael was commenting on the #MeToo movement and feminism in general.

Michael Caine has hailed the #MeToo movement for tackling predatory Hollywood and ensuring actresses at auditions don’t ‘have to worry about getting raped’.

The 86-year-old movie legend believes that young actresses are better protected from sexual predators following the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Fair enough. No-one wants to see any woman being sexually abused by predators like Weinstein.

Michael continues:

‘I’m a big admirer of ladies, for their causes and everything.’

Caine worked on several films with Weinstein – who has agreed a £35 million settlement with women who accuse him of sexual misconduct and still faces trial for sexual assault – but says he saw no evidence of any inappropriate behaviour.

‘I never saw him do anything wrong with women, but when I read what these girls were saying, it was terrible that he did that,’

he says in an interview to mark the release in paperback of his book Blowing The Bloody Doors Off.

In the book, Caine expresses his ‘regret and shame’ at not realising what some of his male peers were doing in Hollywood in his heyday.

Call me a cynic, but I don’t believe Sir Michael. Everyone in Hollywood conceded that Weinstein’s predatory behavior was common knowledge for years. Michael lived and worked in that environment for decades. He attended all of the parties and rubbed shoulders with all of the big names in Hollywood and actually made a number of movies which were produced by Weinstein. Does he seriously expect us to believe he never heard the rumours and innuendo?

Why have so many actors suddenly seen the light? These same men and women remained totally blinded by it whilst their careers were taking off and the dollars were rolling in? It’s so easy to become a man who tells it like it is when you have one foot in the grave and the power and wealth to make any pushback a minor irritant rather than a threat to your livelihood.

What Caine said next summed up the incredible cognitive dissonance we have all come to associate with feminists and any who support their ideology.

‘No one ever did anything in front of me. Because I was very pro-feminist, you know. And they knew that, so they wouldn’t do anything in front of me… I’ve always been a man for women’s lib,’ he says.

‘The thing about me and women is that I loved my mother. Very much. So, every woman to me is about five per cent my mother.

‘So, they’re always treated very well. I have respect and I’m all for equal pay.

‘Mind you, I didn’t realise pay was worse for them because I worked with Elizabeth Taylor.

‘She got a million dollars, I got £150,000. I thought, ‘Wait a minute.’ I didn’t complain.’

Despite his personal experience and understanding of the fact that this constant demand for equal pay for women in the movie industry is based upon a myth, Caine dutifully genuflects and says he wants to see women in Hollywood receive equal pay.

In the next breath he shatters this notion by informing us that a woman, Elizabeth Taylor, received ten times what he was paid when he appeared in a movie with her.

He tells us, “I didn’t complain.”

Jane Fonda also received far more than Caine did when they appeared in a movie.

So many decades ago, women who had drawing power were receiving far more money than their less popular male counterparts! Yet this fool still maintains he wants women to get equal pay in the film industry. Moral cowardice is very unattractive. Where was the ballsy old cockney so many have come to love? Why didn’t we hear something more like this from Michael?

Equal pay for women in movies? Blimey, Jane Fonda and Elizabeth Taylor were getting paid ten times what I got ‘cause they were the box office attraction-and that was fifty years ago! It’s all a load of bollocks!

He knows the whole issue is an utterly contrived one which has nothing to do with the mistreatment of women and everything to do with simple economics but he still dances to the feminist tune.

Farewell, Mr. Caine. Another hero bites the dust.

If you are looking for a gold-plated example of the astonishingly shocking double standards employed by feminists then you cannot surpass this one.

During the recent French Open a male player was being interviewed about his victory post-match when his press conference was brought to an abrupt halt.


Serena Williams had just lost a match which she was heavily favoured to win and she made it clear that she was in no mood to wait around while some unknown tennis player prattled on about his triumph.

The male in question was, Dominic Thiem.

Thiem accused Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion, of having “bad personality” after he was kicked out of a press conference room to accommodate her after a French Open loss.

It has been reported that while Williams did not directly order Thiem out, she made clear to officials that she did not want to wait to speak after bombing out in the third round. An irate Thiem was moved on, asking, “I mean, what the hell? No, but it’s a joke, really … I have to leave the room because she’s coming?”

Surely Thiem would receive nothing but support for his justifiable irritation?  Absolutely not! It appears that it is Thiem who is the fool in this story.

Whoopi Goldberg accused him of “boneheaded” behavior.

Listen, man, don’t nobody know who you are! You may be big in the tennis world but this is a big deal that she was out this early. People want to know what’s happening, how she doing – and I don’t think she actually wanted to talk to anybody about losing. ‘Oh yes, let’s talk about my loss so early in the French Open’; I don’t think that was her plan! Don’t blame her! Stop being a bonehead, don’t blame her.”

Sunny Hostin added:

I was surprised Roger Federer came out and also was defending Thiem’s position and saying this is unfair. He should know better. Serena is the queen.”

These same rabid feminists who are the regular hosts of a sickeningly left leaning, feminist show called The View, would have been apoplectic had any male tennis player, no matter how famous and successful, dared to interrupt a young female’s press conference because he didn’t feel inclined to wait for his turn.

Just imagine the invective which would have been spat out by these rabid females. Toxic masculinity, bullying and intimidation and the utter disregard we have for women in sport would undoubtedly have got a mention.

They have no shame. They literally have two sets of standards and do not even pretend to hide this fact.

Now we turn our attention to Colombia.

A wife decided to humiliate her cheating husband by making him lie naked on a car in a public street in Colombia as locals laughed at him.

Jairo Vargas begged his wife for forgiveness and agreed to participate in the embarrassing stunt in hopes of saving their marriage, The Sun reported.

Traffic was brought to a halt as motorists stopped and recorded the humiliating event.

Vargas’s wife, who has not been named, caught him cheating with another woman at a motel in the Caribbean coastal city of Barranquilla.

Traffic was brought to a halt on a busy road as motorists stopped and recorded the humiliating event.

Footage captured on mobile phones shows the remorseful husband laying across a car’s roof while hiding his head in a towel.

He was also seen knocking on the driver’s window and scrubbing the front windshield.

Colombian National Police was eventually called to the scene, arresting Vargas and issuing him a summons for causing public nuisance on a street.

Just try to imagine a man tell telling his wife her only road to redemption is climbing naked onto the top of his car which he will drive through busy city streets.


What’s that? I dared to employ the old “flip the genders” argument.

Bloody oath.

Meanwhile, over in England on their popular television program, Good Morning Britain, a female politician promoted her view that women should not have to serve sentences of one year or less as it is too disruptive to their lives and the lives of their children.

One cop tries to argue that women already get a good deal and tried to explain what happens when a husband and wife are found guilty of a crime like drug distribution. He says the man is always arrested and placed behind bars whilst the women get a free pass due to the fact someone has to take care of the kids.

This isn’t good enough for the female politician.

According to Sian Berry, jail is far more damaging to women because they have carer responsibilities and this causes great difficulties for those who depend upon them. I would have thought that being the sole breadwinner for your family is also a “carers’ responsibility and one most men perform every day. No-one cites this fact as a reason for being lenient with or not jailing male criminals.

Listen to Brenda Birungi who was sentenced to eleven months in prison for a violent assault. She genuinely feels that women lose more than men when they are sent to prison and explains how she had plans to go into child care, plans which were thwarted by her imprisonment!

Please watch the short clip I linked and have your breath taken away by the sheer entitlement of these women. No-one raised the fact that a far more pressing issue might be the fact that men receive 63% longer jail terms for committing the same crime as a woman. We could also throw in the fact that in domestic violence altercations it is the man who is routinely arrested even before the facts are understood.

This female politician is just another example of the way women in politics completely ignore their male constituents and always place the needs of women ahead of men even when statistics clearly demonstrate it is men who are being screwed by the system in almost every measurable area of societal disadvantage.

I came across another astonishing article written by a feminist author, Nikki Gemmell, who regularly writes columns for The Australian.

She wanted to know why male gynaecologists and obstetricians choose their profession. She offered her own insight into what might motivate them.

A female doctor friend had seen many male gynies and obs over her long working life, and had a harsh observation: “They hate women, and like to see them in pain.” A brutal assessment, yes, but a fascinating observation from someone who’d spent decades in the profession.

I had four midwife-led births; never an obstetrician in the delivery room. The one time I sought the advice of a male doctor was just prior to the birth of my fourth child; I was 44 and being closely monitored. Yet the feeling I got from this man was that the baby’s health and survival was everything in this equation; he made me feel like I was a mere vessel for its safe delivery and not much else. I’d never faced that attitude before, through all the different midwives I’d had. They’d all been big-sisterly, empathetic; and in England I’d only met them in labour.

My conclusion: I just wish there were more women entering this profession. And back to the original question… well, I write to understand, to get us to think. So please enlighten me.

You will be happy to note that every one of the comments beneath the article were unanimous in their condemnation of her disgraceful article.

The very fact this article could be published in one of Australia’s leading newspapers is in itself an incomprehensible sideline. At what point does an editor simply say:

This is unacceptable trash- write us something we can publish.

She quite openly infers that one of the biggest motivating factors behind men entering this profession is their desire to humiliate and inflict pain upon their female patients.

I informed her of a little-known fact.

Up until the 16th century. Midwifery was the sole preserve of female midwives. In all of the centuries in which these women had brought life into the world they had seen an incredibly high mortality rate for both mothers and their babies, yet there had been no innovation or change in approach by these women over hundreds of years.

Enter William Chamberlen. He saw there was a tremendous need for something which would reduce the death rate in child birth. William promptly invented the forceps. Apparently, many midwives were most upset by the fact that men began to enter this hitherto female-only occupation.

This extract says all that needs to be said very succinctly.

The forceps are undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of all time in medical science, which may seem very weird considering it looks like such a simple piece of equipment.

Before the 1600s, obstructed labor was a huge problem. Many women would get complications due to obstructed labor, and a lot of babies died because physicians just didn’t have any suitable means of dealing with such a problem. It was therefore a major cause of death for babies, and it was even deemed to be an “expected tragedy” which is just truly horrific to think of. But after the invention and the eventual use of the forceps, the survival rates of both moms and their babies started increasing.

Women’s lives and longevity have been enhanced by countless male inventions throughout history but I am yet to come across any article by any woman acknowledging this and expressing gratitude.

They simply call us “oppressors.” Gemmell suggests male gynecologists and obstetricians are motivated by sadism.

Surely a simple thank you is all that is required, Nikki Gemmell.

Perhaps we can finish with a comment from Lynda who echoed the feelings of every one of the 282 people, men and women, who chose to respond to this tosh.


My daughter has just had an emergency cesarean after 10 hours of labour. Her Obstetrician, anaesthetist, assisting Ob’s and a theatre nurse were all male. She couldn’t have been in more caring, professional, nurturing and better hands – they were simply wonderful. In fact so good, that she will return to that very same team again for further pregnancies. We are not impressed with this article one bit- in fact we find it offensive. You do such a disservice to so many fine men who work crazy hours , often having to leave their own families, to come to the aid of a birthing mother and do everything possible to ensure a safe birth for mother and baby.


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