Mark Zuckerberg, have you seen Rape Culture?

Dear Mr Zuckerberg, can the film Rape Culture have it’s own page please, or is Kiss My Ass a better option?

I don’t do Farcebook(sic). I used to use it as part of project and community work, but myself and many others stopped due to Farcebook having negative attitudes to client groups. That was 2008. I have created a new Farcebook account to carry out system and “Absurdity Testing”.
“Absurdity Testing” is when a dumb human believes that a dumb machine can be programmed to be intelligent, and through basic assessment skills (the sort a that a 5-year-old child has) the Machine can be shown to be Dumb and the Human even Dumber!
As #FBrape has been such an issue, I had a look at one of my favourite terms “Rape Culture“. There are so many Facebook pages with it in their title – from EndRapeCultureRape-Culture Opinion, and even Grapplers Against RapeCulture. I’m not at all sure what a “Grappler” is, but I get the impression it’s Wrestlers being physically violent. They seem to think of it as some form of anti-oppressive practice believed to stop rape via threat and actual violence – which simply is not allowed under Facebook Community Standards. It is odd.
As I looked I spotted something – It’s the opening credits for a film I know well: “Rape Culture“™ The Movie. The big red arrow is a hint.

Facebook a search for rape culture

So I Clicked and found that apparently “Rape Culture”™ The Movie is acceptable on facebook – they are using the Wikipedia page on the subject.

Facebook does Rape Culture The 1974/5 Film

Quick as a flash, I went to the bottom of the page and clicked on Create Page – selected me options and typed in “Rape Culture”!
I was then advised in red letters that the name “Rape Culture” is not allowed. The automated systems have been programmed to reject it.

facebook rejects Rape Culture

I had a think and decided it was just “Rape Culture” that was the issue so tried again with “Rape Culture The Movie” but that also resulted in more red letters. I tried multiple permutations including I despise rape and want to save Virgins – but it soon became clear that any new page with the word rape in it is BANNED.

facebook rejects "Rape Culture The Movie"

I had so hoped to be able to bring accurate knowledge to facebook, and was even wondering about a facebook page for the film, linking to people who were there – people such as Lorretta Ross – amazing lady who spoke about her involvement during extensive interviews. Wouldn’t that be something, for students to be able to see the connections and deal with real history, to talk to people who were there and not get some crsurty and even false tale from a textbook and bad tutor. Even the film makers are on facebook Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc. They even have the film on their own facebook page.

Cambridge Documentary Films Timeline Rape Culture 1975

So you can imagine my frustration and being of celtic blood I swore in Gaelic – and as I swore I typed it out only to find that I can have a facebook page called Kiss My Ass – or Pog ma thoin!

Pog ma thoin

So that got me wondering about Kiss My Ass in English, but apparently that’s fine too!

facebook says a page called Kiss My Ass is fine

At this point it was clear that the Absurdity testing could progress to a higher level at which point I was told that having a page title “Screw Me With A Six Inch Wang” was fine too.

facebook says I can have a page "Screw Me With A Six Inch Wang"

So it’s clear that Facebook have decided to simply ban rape.
Violence to prevent rape is fine, as is multicultural swearing and Kissing Of Ass. You can even get Porno with a Six Inch Wang… but Farce-book no longer allows Legitimate Knowledge and networking of anything that deals with the word rape. Even History is not allowed due to Herstory having precedence.
If I was CEO at Farce-book I’d fire the humans who can’t program reality, only fantasy and stupidity that can be uncovered by a prank that a five year old can pull.
Farce-book pass “Absurdity Testing” at grade A++ when really the only grade you want for that is the Biggest F- you ever seen.

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