Fearless Girl has been unveiled in Melbourne. She stands proudly, defiantly in Federation Square.

She is a symbol of the fight for gender equality. She is the visible cry for wage equity, girl power, female empowerment and a tribute to the undervalued and often unrecognized courage and sheer perfection of the female species.

I don’t know if this shit avalanche is ever going to abate. I keep waiting, hoping that the worst is behind us and that the blatant lies and inherent bigotry spouted by feminists will eventually come back to haunt them and ultimately lead to the demise of this damaging ideology.


There she stands- a defiant little piece of work with a look I have become familiar with in recent years. It seems to say, “I’m a girl, do you have a problem with that?”

The statue encapsulates the unbounded sense of entitlement and pure arrogance of those who have been force fed the feminist agenda.

I think of the endless attacks on masculinity and young boys in our media and in our education system. If any gender was crying out for a symbol to remind them that they are brave and smart and filled with untold potential it is our young boys.

Honesty has always been an enormously high priority in my life. I have never been able to comprehend the way so many people can very deliberately and willfully misrepresent an opposing position or argument in order to score cheap points. I cannot to this day, understand how an ideology built entirely upon a foundation of lies, half truths and myths has not only flourished but continued to gain power in all of the most influential platforms in Western society.

Just this week I watched Senator David Leyonhjelm question an all-female work gender equity panel in parliament. He exposed their ignorance and their absolutely shameless disregard for the welfare of men in an area that literally is a matter of life and death. He wanted to know if this panel, who claims to be passionate about gender equity in the workplace, were concerned about the gender death gap in the workplace.

What about the death gap in the workplace?

Please watch this relatively brief clip. Look carefully at the faces of the women as they respond to David’s probing questions. Irritated by his persistence over something as insignificant as the deaths of men in their place of work, they present that familiar stony faced, impenetrable wall of indifference. The woman who feigns concern at the end of the clip is beneath contempt. She knows men have nowhere to turn yet dares to suggest otherwise.

I actually find David’s excellent questioning of these women and the group behind our government’s domestic violence campaign ultimately unsatisfying. He is softly spoken, polite and controlled. Even when he exposes their callous disregard for the well being of men in the workplace he registers no disgust, no hint of anger or  follow up challenge to their poker faced defiance.

Why not show some genuine emotion? Why shouldn’t he call out their hypocrisy by asking how concerned they would be about workplace safety if 95% of all fatalities were female?

Don’t get angry, Mark. You lose the argument when you become emotional.

I am longing to see genuine, righteous anger from a man with a voice and platform to display it. How could anyone confronted with this astonishingly blatant contempt for the lives of men, react with anything other than anger?

I am tired of this gentle probing and apologetic questioning of some of the most blatant examples of gender bigotry happening in our very midst every day.

Back to Fearless Girl. Let’s read the words of Claire Rogers CEO of World Vision Australia.

It’s right for Fearless Girl to be a fixture in Melbourne, without a fearless boy beside her. We must not ignore the challenges — in Australia and in the rest of the world — that are exclusive to women and girls.

There it is. We must not ignore the challenges that are exclusive to women and girls. This statement infers that we are already focusing all our attention upon challenges that are exclusive to men and boys. It also implies that there has been no attention given to issues that are exclusive to women and girls. Both inferences are false.

Our governments have given their undivided attention to issues that are exclusive to women and girls for decades. Look at the hundreds of millions of dollars in funding given to problems deemed to be negatively impacting females. Whether it be domestic violence, health or the use of quotas and incentives — women and girls have been the beneficiaries of a level of support men and boys could only dream about.

Women in Engineering and College of leadership and Management Dinner – Quotas in the workplace

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Women in Engineering Scholarship

Men die earlier but women’s health gets four times more funding

The Greens have announced a pre-election pledge of $5.3 billion for Australian women

Our education system prioritizes the needs of girls over boys from preschool through to university. In a profession dominated by female teachers and feminist bias our boys are being demonized and belittled throughout their many years spent in the system. If not always explicit, the tone and attitude of so many people when the “problem with men” is being discussed, would leave no boy in any doubt as to the contempt in which his male peers are held.

UK’s university gender gap is a national scandal, says thinktank

Rogers goes on to write:

Women make up more than half of the population but from government to board rooms, we are woefully under-represented.

It is simply astonishing how often utter bigots like Ms. Rogers can spew such absolute tosh without apparent shame or embarrassment. This woman is a CEO so one must assume she is highly educated and has a modicum of intelligence.

Being a CEO herself, Rogers appears to prove the very salient point that women can indeed become CEO’s or government ministers if they have the drive and inclination-pretty much the same qualities a man seeking such a position would need to possess.

She seems to suggest there are laws or obstacles placed in front of women to prevent them from achieving these positions. There are none. Every woman who wishes to enter politics may do so. Every woman who wishes to become a CEO is most welcome to enter the business of her choice and through ambition, sacrifice and talent, achieve her ultimate goal. For every man who has become a CEO there are a hundred who had the same goal but failed. Was it sexism or bias which prevented these men from achieving success?

Why do so many women like Claire Rogers cherry pick statistics? She demands equal representation of women in government and management but not in ditch digging and bricklaying. No mention of the alarming workplace death gap. She has no concerns about the domination of the education system by women-an incredibly powerful platform for brainwashing our youth with their poisonous ideology and has made no demands for this imbalance to be addressed.

The bigot continues:

We’ve come a long way, but there is much more to do. Early childhood marriage is one battlefront. Education is another. According to the World Bank, 132 million girls around the world between the ages of six and 17 are still not in school.

Two of the interesting facts on children and education around the world:

  • Nearly 70 million children around the world today cannot get a basic education. More than half are girls. Meaning nearly half are boys!
  • Of the 123 million young people between the ages of 15 and 24 who cannot read or write, 61 percent of them are women. So, 39% of our young illiterate people are male. Yet they remain entirely unworthy of even a mention.

Research shows the cost of not educating those girls reaches into the trillions of dollars.

And more than 500 women and adolescent girls die from pregnancy and childbirth complications in emergency settings. Every. Single. Day.

How does she sleep at night? Imagine a male doctor expressing his distress over the fact that so many of the males in his oncology ward die. How is this shit any different? Millions of boys receive zero or minimal education. Does she give a toss about them? How can any human claiming the mantle of being a person of compassion and virtue entirely dismiss the suffering of millions because of their genitalia?

How many fucking men and boys die in wars they were forced into, workplaces they are laboring in or by their own hand to escape their privileged, entitled lives? Every. Single. Day.

The disparity between male and female suicides in some of these countries is stunning.

I will guarantee Claire Rogers that it is men who are at the forefront of the fight to lessen the prospects of women dying due to pregnancy complications. She writes as if there is a world- wide plot concocted by men to allow women to die during childbirth.

Perhaps the husbands and fathers of these women don’t want their wives or daughters to survive nor do they want their children or grandchildren to live.  I challenge her to point to the women who are doing all that is in their power to stop males from killing themselves in the most shocking numbers every year or preventing young boys from being forced into labor camps or armies at the point of a gun or blade. No-one would dream of insinuating that the countless ways males suffer in this world is all attributable to women and their callous indifference, yet men must carry the burden of responsibility for everything that negatively impacts a female’s life.

Rogers writes as if the world is one in which hunger, pain, grief, oppression and suffering only touches females. This world seems to afford males, regardless of their geographical location or their societal status, a protection from the vicissitudes women must endure. It is a lie:

Poverty affects women more than men.


Climate change has a more damaging impact on women and girls.



Women are the primary victims of war.


You’ve heard this absolute garbage spewed before. It flies in the face of everything our life experience teaches us, yet you can rest assured that the children who complete their education under the care of feminist ideologs believe it.

Rogers has more to say:

Men and boys reap rewards from increased women’s health standards.

The old, “feminism and female empowerment is really the empowerment of men and boys too!”

What a patronizingly sick joke. If only men believed they too would derive some benefit and empowerment by stopping their evil oppression of women, they would stop allowing women to die in childbirth or desist from deliberately preventing their daughters from achieving their dreams. If men could just be convinced that they will get something back if they treated women and girls fairly -why the sky is the limit!

Here doggy, good boy fetch the bone!

Rogers completes her article with this advice:

Supporting and empowering girls and women, whether in Australia or overseas, advances us.

So, what about Fearless Boy?

Take your son to see Fearless Girl. Take a photo of him standing at her side. Explain the importance of International Women’s Day. Make him the fearless boy.

Take you son to see Fearless Girl. Perhaps the same boy who has been told he must respect all women and girls because they have vaginas. He has never been told men and boys are worthy of the same respect.

Male teacher speaks out against respect programs in Aust schools-hatred of men.

Perhaps the same boy who has sat quietly in the corner of the family loungeroom, watching the tv with a sense of confusion and shame as yet another government funded advertisement depicts a boy of his age hitting and hurting girls, because that is exactly what boys his age like to do.

Perhaps the same boy who sees his gender constantly branded culpable for all of the woes in our society and belittled and denigrated by the leaders of his country — many of them men.

And so a statue of Fearless Girl is erected in Federation Square.

It is the boys of this generation who have reason to be fearful. It is boys of this generation who will require courage to negotiate the endless pitfalls and traps ready to ensnare them should they misspeak, have a bad sexual encounter or wish to apply for a job which specifically states no men need apply.

Perhaps he will become enmeshed in a relationship with a violent, manipulative woman and have to find a way out without losing his mind and all of his money. Perhaps he will have his children torn from his life for no other reason because his female partner can do just that and there’s not one fucking thing a human with a penis can do about it.

Fearless Girl.

My dad taught me at a very young age that fearless people are not brave.

Fearlessness is not to be admired. It is those who feel fear but still choose to confront and overcome it who are most deserving of our admiration.

Perhaps that is why most of my heroes are men.

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