Erin Pizzey reflects on Toronto protest

I have taken some time to reflect on the protest against Warren Farrell last November at the University of Toronto, and have watched the video of that sad event. I have not seen such an ugly demonstration by feminists since the seventies.

I have known Warren Farrell for a long time and I have nothing but respect for him. It was saddening to see such hate filled faces on the screen and to hear women calling men ‘fucking scum.”  One man who came to ask for help in understanding why two of his male friends committed suicide he was abused and sworn at by a Rottweiler of a woman.  Another was told he should be ‘fucking ashamed” of himself, for even being there.  The atmosphere was hostile and threatening to the police. I have not heard them called ‘pigs’ since the 1960s.

Though I am horrified at their actions, part of me is celebrating because finally here is the true, ugly face of the women’s movement, stripped of its phony, egalitarian mask, and placed on permanent display for the world to see.  For too many years the truth has been hidden behind intellectual arguments and bureaucratic edifices while the virulent ideologues produced by feminism have burrowed their way into positions of power and influence. As epitomized in this protest video, and the university administration’s non response to the violence, infiltration into academe is one of their greatest successes.

Here, the Senior Women Tutors at the University of Toronto conspired with their students to create an antidemocratic riot in the heart of their university.  To most people watching the demonstration the women and their sad male hangers-on looked violent and dysfunctional; so much so that they may have been taken as outliers, exceptions to the feminist rule. However, these are the same kinds of women I have encountered many times before; women who are at once determined to brand all men as “violent” and “oppressive,” but who routinely use violence and intimidation themselves as a means to enforce their will on others.

I am hopeful that the majority of young women who watched the programme will have been warned off the whole concept of a woman’s movement as it practiced today. From the very beginning in the very early “collectives,” which is what they called their conferences, the atmosphere was always hostile to anyone who even dared question the Marxist tenants of the women who were preaching to the rest of us.

This was the first “hate movement” I personally encountered. I knew of fringe groups that espoused hatred against Black people, against Jews and against other forms of religion, but this time here was a movement that vowed to destroy all men and remove them from their families, and it was getting public acceptance.  This is why they so many wanted to silence Warren Farrell.  His message is that time is running out for men, and if we are all not willing to do something about this oppressive movement then the family as we know it, along with our society, will all but disappear.

As I travel around different countries looking at the damage that has been wreaked upon the fabric of their societies I am afraid for my grandsons and great grandsons. In Slovenia I was introduced to a very powerful woman who had a staff of 39 women, she told me proudly. She also employed one man. He was the receptionist. Most of the women in power that I was able to talk to complained that it was hard for them to meet professional men because most of them had been pushed aside in order to fulfill quotas for women in employment.

I realized that a lot of the men were now marginalized and that many of them were very unhappy. Women-only quotas are already in existence and it will not be long before the workplace, at least the non-lethal workplace, becomes a women-only space, much like is already happening in our institutions of higher education.

I am glad that there is now a reminder of the true face of feminism that can be seen by all the people who watch the University of Toronto demonstration on video. It is there that they can finally see what lies underneath the disingenuous façade of egalitarian feminist rhetoric — jackboot thugs and robotic, hate-filled minds.  You can no longer afford to ignore them.

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