Calling out the radical hate group dominating our education systems

The Western world is home grown radical hate group has been infiltrating our education system with an insidious form of propaganda for decades but governments and the average person has been manipulated by the disguised label of EQUALITY and WOMEN’S RIGHTS has hijacked a worthy causes into a one sided lens that renders white heterosexual males as untrustworthy and violent. The leaders of this ideology are the radical feminist authors and professors instructing students across thousands of women’s studies across Western society who orchestrate an angered social change. Most wield their power while hidden inside the unchallenged ivory towers of government sponsored colleges and university bureaucracies.

A Utopian Ideal of Equality, and Diversity

Human diversity and equality is the celebrated goal across most organizations and nations can best be encapsulated by Gene Rodenberry’s science fiction story: Star Trek. This Original Series aired on Thursday, September 8, 1966 and continues to today as a relished long running entertainment franchise portraying the Starship Enterprise populace as a valued mixture of international cultures and characters including intelligently assorted beings from other planets. All traveling across galaxies exploring strange new worlds, to seek out new life and civilizations and to boldly go where no man has ever gone before; resonating deeply within us and warms the hearts of billions of worldwide enthusiasts. The adventures of Captain Kirk’s team of men, women and aliens is one of our modern most honored movie and television franchise considered a celebrated epic and mega hit for over five decades. But for radical feminists Star Trek has a serious problem!

Radical feminists misappropriate the women’s rights movement into an institutional threat towards man-hate like Valerie Solanas, Lena Dunham and millions of their followers who express their desire to kill all men, bring extinction to all straight white men or abort every male fetus before birth. Unchallenged as hate speech these scholars perpetuate a world without men; an idealistic planet without males, white heterosexual males specifically. Other Third Wave feminists, such as Rebecca Walker, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Gloria E. Anzaldúa, and Cherríe Moraga are aligned with the elimination of men; their goals: falsely declare only men can rape, eliminate patriarchal father roles, blur society’ idea of gender and scientific sex, implement oppressive education programs to convert the nature of boys and men into something else by implementing authoritarian measures of male control.

These radicals have weaponized well-meaning students turning them against males and justify the killing of men through farfetched conspiracy theories; patriarchy and white male privilege. They imagine the future Star Trek without male Captain Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy, Pavel Chekov, and Scotty! The radical extremist vision is to use social reengineering to remove men from society. The Southern Poverty Law Center should consider tracking this group as an alt-left hate group. By raising our voices and emailing the SPLC we should get some help.

How Feminism teaches Students and Society a Gendered Violence Lens

Radical feminists scholars invented a one sided view of gendered violence, like ISIS that perverted a religion, feminism has perverted the idea violence between genders. The women’s studies professors use this manipulative half-truth called the feminist critical lens.

Gendered Violence is defined as: intimidation; emotional, verbal and physical abuse; sexual assault; rape; and murder.

What Students and Society are Taught:

The false feminist critical lens: 70% of all women will be victims of gendered violence.  (One sided propaganda by omitting comparisons of violence against men and same sexed relationship violence.)

After this, the professors ask students to practice developing this lens, or one directional view of their own life experiences. This brainwashes the students to view a half-truth impression of violence; considered psychological abuse.

What Students and Society are not Taught:

A holistic worldview lens includes men in prison and street violence: 90% of all men will be victims of violence, raped, assaulted and murdered at much higher rates than women. Moreover, men suffer from a suicide epidemic. And, 44% of same sexed female relationships, 21% of male female relationships, 12% same sexed male relationships will be victims violence.

Feminism, women’s, gender and feminist defined masculinities studies all repeat the false feminist critical lens of gendered violence over and over until everyone submits to the oppressive idea that only woman are victimized by dominant men. Scholars proselytize students turning them into victims, an unhealthy self-view that causes emotional problems when students should be taught to unchain themselves from victimization.

How Feminism Manipulates Society with Empathy

The entire Western World is sympathetic and is moved into action by empathy for women and children who are harmed or in danger. We hold close traditions such as women and children first in an ocean liner disaster. When anyone mentions the critical feminist lens of gendered violence against women it evokes deep emotions inside millions who are called to action or donate money. We are being manipulated at our most primal level, the heroism to save another human, to be chivalrous; cherish, protect and save women as its first priority.

This chivalry towards women develops a blind spot for the others in the holistic view of violence; society is blinded to understanding same sexed women and men’s pain and support their issues.

Feminism’s Social Justice Warriors Harboring Bigotry and Hate

Colleges have produced millions of women’s studies graduates and some have become social justice warriors who advocate, write commercials, news stories and produce media that furthers the biased view of gendered violence is a male only problem thus propagating the stain of institutional and societal hatred. On February 2016, Buzz Feed hired writers but stated no white men should apply and The Atlantic announced the Democratic platform has nothing for white men or boys of any color. Some call this a politically correct view or a socially influenced interpretation. Western society has been changed with the end goal to remove the virtue of masculinity in humans and dismantle the mythical patriarchy of male power when the actual power lies with a wealth oligarchy devoid of race or gender. Then on November 9, 2017, Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States, a white heterosexual alpha-male. Feminists and alt-left social justice warriors exploded and are filling the news and blogs with claims of racism and sexism and other delusions used to shut down rational thinking and debate. Millions are calling for women’s studies undergo extreme reform.


The power-battle between the sexes has been here forever yet, the sexes have worked through the differences long enough to breed and reproduce the next generation. Men are the universes’ ultimate survivors, beings who have risen great empires from mere wildernesses. Men want equality but will never be beat or killed by an ideology celebrating an equality that actually means eliminate white men.

But unfortunately for women, as Forbes Magazine reported, 53% of corporate entry-level jobs are held by women, but suffer from a “paradox of declining female happiness” as was pointed out by economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers. Radical feminism is a failed-hate movement, causing emotional harm to men and women. While citizens are leaving the feminist movement by millions, society must rid itself of this radical, and spiteful moral supremacy that causes social and individual havoc.

Feature image: Star Trek crew members, Wikipedia Commons

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