#BlameOneNotAll reveals feminist hatred for men

Recently the Indian media company Mintified started a campaign called “Blame One Not All” which you can find on Twitter and Facebook.

Basically this campaign is pictures of women holding signs saying that not all men should be blamed for the crimes of one or a few. This campaign has drawn a lot of support from the public. But there is a small group of very vocal people who are not having any of it. They have engaged in campaign of their own to discredit the idea that not all men are to blame for this misdeeds of another man. Unfortunately, there are some who prefer to remain in the dark ages of human history. They hang on to prejudice like monkey with a banana. These people are throw backs to a time that most people wish had never happened. These backwards uneducated people are called feminists and to them if you are born with a penis you are born guilty. Don’t believe me, take a look at few of the feminist responses to the #BlameOneNotAll hashtag.


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Of course these are just some tweets from the rank and file mouth breathers. Let’s see what prominent members of the gender troglodytes have to say on the matter.

Anna Merlan over at Jezebel seems to be very confused as to what the Blame One Not All campaign is about.

“…. the #BlameOneNotAll campaign seems to have been an attempt to pat good men on the back for the hard work of not raping or domestically abusing anybody…….. Excuse me, does anyone have some cookies? Can someone give these men a fucking cookie? Thanks.”

She thinks it’s about giving good men a pat on the head. Of course any thinking person can see from the images that this campaign is not about congratulating men for being decent human beings. Far from it. It’s about stating the fact that most men are decent human beings. Bigots like Anna are often easily confused by basic English. Poor thing.

Then there is Vicky Chandler at The Independent, who seems to suffer from the same lack of intellect as Anna Merlan. She too seems to think #BlameOneNotAll is about congratulating men for being human. It’s the title of her article.

“#BlameOneNotAll: Do men who don’t hurt women actually need to be congratulated?”

But Vicky goes a few steps further down the derp road.

“….what the campaign does is vilify the women speaking out about their experiences of sexism…..It’s tiring to have to revisit this situation again, having to defend a woman’s right to speak out about their experiences.”

So a woman holding a sign that says “My favorite professor is a male and he doesn’t show any inappropriate gesture. #BlameOneNotAll” vilifies women and raises the need to defend women’s right to speak?

“If these men were really worried about people thinking that they were a rapist, they would be addressing the behaviours of their fellow men, not attacking the brave women retelling their experiences of sexism and abuse.”

A woman holding a sign that says “When my parents are not around my uncle doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable. #BlameOneNotAll” is attacking women? As you can see from the above examples Vicky and her knuckle dragging friends are prone to emotional outbursts rather than rational logical thought.

Another thing about these throw backs and their lack of intelligence is that often let the cat out of the bag.

“It’s just another example of “Meninists” trying to silence women because what they have to say has bruised their ego. #BlameOneNotAll is an attempt at concentrating on each individuals’ actions rather than critiquing a social structure that has forced millions of girls and women around the world to be subjected to systematic sexism, sexual violence and abuse. By saying ‘not all’ we’re allowing many to excuse themselves from a situation they claim isn’t their problem……I do hold all men accountable in helping their female friends, colleagues and family fight to change a frightening system where only 97 out of 100 rapists are imprisoned….”

As you can see here feminism is exactly as I have described it. These people still hold to the idea of judging a group based on the actions of a few or one and judging an individual based on prejudice for that person’s group. I wonder if Vicky crosses the street when she meets a black guy walking towards her, because a small number of black guys might mug her. Or if she refuses to use a bank that hires Jews because a small number of white collar criminals are also Jewish? Or if she refuses to associate with gay people because a gay guy robbed a store that one time? And men, please don’t forget to be sexist towards women when it works in their favor. You are responsible for helping women because you are a man and she is a woman and that’s how feminist equality works.

Ok. I had a little fun with those bigots. Sometimes you just have to laugh at how horrible feminists are. But now it’s time to get serious. These are ignorant bigots. There is just no other way to say it. The fact that they exist isn’t the problem. The fact that they have the power to influence government policy, the education of social workers, doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, and to infect the minds of high school kids and young adults in college is the problem. These people need to be removed from society. By removed I mean excluded, ostracized and shunned. The idea that someone is born guilty based on their biology is so outdated that I can’t fathom how people in this day in age still believe it. How in the world can a person honestly say that they hold person A accountable for the actions of person B because the two look similar? Why do we tolerate the presence of such people in our schools, universities and in our government? The statement “I am a feminist” should end a person’s career as quickly as “I am a Nazi” or “I am in the Ku Klux Klan.”

But it doesn’t and that’s the problem.

These feminists aren’t the problem. Society is the problem. We are the ones that are allowing this kind of hate to engrain itself in our culture. We are the ones that refuse to do anything about it. We are the ones who can stop this. Men and women together can bring an end to feminism. Go back through the images and quotes in this article and reread them. Remember that is your grandfather, father, uncle, husband, brother, brother-in-law, nephew, son and grandson they are talking about. They are all responsible for all the violence that happens to any woman anywhere. They were tried and convicted at the moment that hormones determined the sex of the unborn baby. They were born with a scarlet letter on their forehead.

The scarlet “M.”




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