Adèle Mercier is at it with the threats again

Well, it Adèle Mercier continues to do her best to emulate Saul Goodman, issuing ultimatums to the completely underwhelmed members of the MHRM.

This time, TB made the cut for Adele’s targets who refuse to be targets. Our good friend Alison responds in proper form.

Dear Alison Tieman,

I am giving you twenty-four hours to remove from the internet all *libellous* representations of me as a “rape apologist,” a “victim blamer,” a “pedophile” and other such falsehood and innuendo that your site has irresponsibly allowed to be published or otherwise propagate. That includes your slanderous video on A Voice for Men.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message immediately. Blah, blah, blah. Grrr, Grrr. [OK, I added that last part in. PE]

Adèle Mercier

Dept of Philosophy, Queen’s University, Kingston, CANADA K7L 3N6

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