1,400 girls raped in Rotherham, England–and big league feminists don’t care?

Recently, news broke of widespread child sexual exploitation in the northern English town of Rotherham. An independent inquiry into the abuse, led by Professor Alexis Jay, found that over 1,400 children, mostly White girls, had been repeatedly victimized. Professor Jay wrote: “It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered…. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.” The abuse had been going on for 16 years, and while it was widely known to the police, child welfare officials, and council leaders, they all chose to look the other way. To date, only five men have been convicted for these crimes. Disturbingly, this appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. Reports claim that similar gangs operate in many other towns and cities in England, in many other European countries, and even in Australia.

You might expect this would be a feminist field day. After all, rape is their favorite and most important issue, the original sin of the male sex, and the primary source of their victim power. So, tipped off by an article by Ian Tuttle in the National Review, I took a look to see what they had to say. And what I found was … nothing. Complete and total silence.

As of this writing, Google can find no mention of Rotherham (except for one or two discussion comments) at any of the feminist websites I examined: Feministing, Feministe, Bitch Magazine, Ms. Magazine, Bust, Crunk Feminist Collective, Jezebel, Broadsheet, and The XX Factor. Feminist-friendly news sites including MSNBC, Daily Kos, Think Progress, and Truthout were also completely silent on this topic.

Let’s take Feministing as an example. Demonstrating the feminist obsession with rape, there are currently five links to articles discussing rape or sexual assault on the front page of this well-known feminist blog: “The Police Violence We Aren’t Talking About,” “17 Beliefs About Sexual Assault That Are Totally Wrong,” “UNC-Chapel Hill revamps sexual assault policy,” “California legislature passes ‘yes means yes’ bill,” and “Why the anti-rape nail polish doesn’t work in a nutshell.” But no word about 1,400 girls groomed, gang-raped, prostituted, and beaten, repeatedly and over many years. Absolute silence.

What’s going on here? Why isn’t there a feminist feeding frenzy over a topic with so many lurid details, so many juicy examples of society’s violence and indifference to women?

There are two facts that explain their silence. The perpetrators were Pakistani Muslims. And the victims were White.

The Social Justice Warrior Chickens Come Home to Roost

It is easy to understand why officials were reluctant to confront these crimes—they were acting in a political environment in which being accused of being a “racist” or “Islamophobe” could mean the end of one’s career. The zealous and ruthless punishment of these thought crimes by the New Totalitarians of the left has created a paralyzing fear throughout the bureaucracies responsible for guarding the well-being of the citizenry. This cult of multiculturalism and its enforcement has been promoted vigorously by the political elite of the left in order to disadvantage their foes on the right. Writing in The PJ Tattler, Mike McNally declares Rotherham: A Quintessentially Liberal Scandal:

The “grooming” scandals are a direct and inevitable consequence of the left’s failed experiment with multiculturalism and mass immigration, and its obsession with political correctness and “diversity.” I make no apologies for trotting out this quote again, but a former advisor to Tony Blair, whose New Labour government imposed multiculturalism and political correctness on Britain with religious zeal starting in 1997, has admitted that Labour championed mass immigration, including from Pakistan, in order to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity.”

The nearly universal excuse given by the Rotherham officials who were interviewed was that they were afraid. Afraid not of the gang members themselves, but of the power that their race and religion bestowed upon them in a culture that holds racism to be an unpardonable offense. Even high-level government officials were browbeat into compliance through the fear of being denounced as racist.

Home Office Minister Barbara Roche, who pioneered the open-door policy, wanted to restore her Labour reputation after being attacked by Left-wingers for condemning begging by immigrants as “vile.”

The power of this fear is astonishing. Even in America, an ocean and many time zones away, feminists and other Social Justice Warriors dare not discuss the Rotherham rapes because to do so is to invite the punishments of ostracization and defamation, possibly resulting in the complete destruction of their social standing.

State-Sponsored Multiculturalism as a Moral Autoimmune Disorder

A month or so ago I introduced the concept of Moral Autoimmune Disorders (MAIDs), a social strategy employed by free riders to turn cooperators’ altruistic punishment defense against themselves. In short, the free riders fool the cooperators into identifying their own group or even themselves as free riders, inducing them to direct their punishments upon themselves rather than the free riders. This gives the free riders free reign to exploit the assets and resources of the cooperators.

The Rotherham rape case provides a vivid example of just how effectively a MAIDs attack can be in suppressing a population’s instincts to self-defense. When the political leaders on the left created the cult of multiculturalism to secure their own political advantage, and implemented both the carrot of “diversity” and the stick of “racism” to enforce it, they cast the native population of England as the moral transgressors and fooled the English into seeing themselves as the free riders. So strong is the instinct to punish free riders in the English population that they not only refused to protect themselves but also punished anyone who attempted to do so.

Just consider the protective instincts that had to be suppressed to allow this catastrophe to happen: the protective instinct all humans feel for children; the protective instinct men feel for women; the defensive instinct that groups feel against outsiders; the possessive instinct that men feel for the women of their group against outsider men. These powerful instincts have played an essential role as long as man has walked the earth in protecting each society’s self-interest against those who would harm them. And yet, here they are in Rotherham, rendered completely ineffective by this coordinated multicultural MAIDs attack.

And no case of this capitulation to multicultural MAIDs is more astonishing than the feminists’, as they have yet another powerful instinct to overcome—the natural fear and revulsion women have to rape amplified and intensified by years of feminist rape indoctrination. Despite all their cultivated outrage and their patriarchy-smashing aggression, these feminists have been rendered deaf, dumb, and blind by gangs of Pakistani rapists and the feminist elites who enabled them. These feminists don’t care about the Rotherham rapes because they are too scared—scared to lose their social standing among their New Totalitarian peers.

The moral of this story is clear—those who do not protect and pursue their own interests because of ideology or deception are exploited by those who do.

P.S. In the comments, please refrain from unsupported blanket condemnations of any group, be it defined by ethnicity, religion, or sex, to include Pakistanis and Muslims.

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