Zen Men is Transcending KSU

Zen Men made Kennesaw State University (KSU) history by being the first KSU student organization to form a national-level LLC for humanitarian purposes.

Staff is no longer limited to KSU students. Anyone may now join Zen Men LLC to manage the organization, contribute articles and perform on-the-ground activism. Student MHRAs around the nation can now start Zen Men chapters on their local campuses with our assistance. In the event that a chapter is lost, Zen Men LLC will remain operational.

This is exciting news, but do note that Zen Men gained capacity, not capability. In other words, just because Zen Men LLC has more breathing room does not mean it grew to fill the new space. I can make no promises about what the future holds, but the good news is KSU feminists have lost. The worst they can do is target the KSU chapter by using their trademark fear-mongering, but look at how well that worked for them.

I would like to apologize to supporters for any confusion, because we are now shifting the brand once again. You are used to hearing “KSU Men” or “Zen Men” and thinking about the KSU student organization. That’s still somewhat the case because Zen Men LLC only has that one chapter right now. The difference is that Zen Men LLC is now an off-campus organization.

Each chapter is identified by a unique name or their home university. I will now refer to the KSU presence as “Zen Men @ Kennesaw State University,” or as the “Original Chapter.” We will soon petition the KSU Students Activities and Budget Advisory Committee to finalize the conversion from a standalone student organization to an affiliated chapter.

We are now forming a chapter development program, which means Zen Men will appear on a second campus, then a third, and so on. University systems will start to notice something is different. The entire United States education system will be faced with the task of respecting the young men they have neglected for too long, because we will develop a network of men who know their rights and will organize to peacefully, yet firmly resist corrupt state and academic forces.

This approach with Zen Men LLC is, ironically, not Zen because it rallies those who are too agitated to sit idle. Our Zen is in our promotion of experience over ideology, because it takes a pragmatic, persistent approach to take education back from the suffocating forces eating the futures of young men. Only self-assertion can bring a young man the full intellectual experience he is often denied, so we will inform him of his rights.

Zen Men LLC is a national-level body, and it stands a real chance of changing policy and counteracting bigoted forces that incubate mistrust and fear of men. We will name and oppose any person, organization, religion or culture that corrodes the well-being of men and boys. There will be no negotiating away their humanity.

If this sounds like an effort you can get behind, then follow Zen Men closely. I am going to need your help soon.

(Feature image derived from Winter is Leaving by Viktor Hanacek on PicJumbo.com)

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