Your opportunity to be in a video responding to the anti-male Gillette TV adverts

Tom, the technical and creative genius who filmed and edited the videos of the presentations at the last three conferences, has come up with a great idea. He’s offered to stitch together a number of short video pieces from men and women showing their responses to the Gillette anti-male TV adverts. Your responses can take any form you want, including discarding Gillette products and/or other Procter & Gamble products. Feel free to curse and swear, but Tom will “bleep out” anything particularly strong. For your video to be considered for inclusion, it must comply with the following guidelines:

Deadline – 24:00 GMT Sunday, 20 January [Deadline Extended]
Format – .mp4 or .mov
Duration – no less than 10 seconds, no more than 30 seconds
Identify yourself by name (genuine, or assumed) if you wish
Resolution – HD (1080p)
If possible, use Auto White Balance
Sending the file to Tom – using (free of charge) WeTransfer, email Tom at

I plan to submit a video myself, and I hope you will join me in doing likewise. If you have any queries, feel free to email me (

This article has been updated to reflect the deadline extension. –Ed.

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