Would you like to watch videos of the talks from ICMI24 in Budapest?

On our YouTube channel we have playlists of the talks (and more) of every ICMI held since the first held near Detroit in 2014 – here. Tom Caulfield, our Technical Director, has been responsible for the video recording and editing at every ICMI since ICMI16 in London, apart from the one that just took place in India. He’s done a great job, often in very challenging circumstances.

The amount of equipment that needs to be taken to ICMIs is huge and includes three video cameras, tripods and lighting. Tom has run successful crowdfunders for every event he’s covered, and his crowdfunder for the Budapest conference is here. Launched only recently, it’s already received £485 towards the £3,000 target from generous supporters. The money will all go towards covering the cost of transport and accommodation. Tom has never charged anything for his services. If he charged his time at commercial rates, ICMIs would be financially unaffordable. The organizers of the events make little if any profit, and sometimes a loss.

Following a serious health issue early this year, Tom plans to retire from video recording ICMI talks after Budapest. He’s been training another very competent video maker, Andy, who will join him in Budapest, and video record later ICMIs in Europe and possibly beyond.

These videos will one day be recognized as the extraordinary body of work that they are. Please donate what you can to help Tom meet the £3,000 target and thereby ensure there will be videos recorded in Budapest. Thank you, and have a good weekend.

The cover image depicts Budapest, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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