Women! Can’t live with ‘em you say? Sure we can

The modern MHRM that I entered back in 2011 has had an absorbing transition over the years characterized by a heartening series of victories.

It was a hard slog to keep up the work and the morale in that environment of powerful opposition and almost complete mainstream media silence, broken only occasionally by a slew of hateful propaganda and wilful misinformation on what came to be known as the manosphere.

How times have changed!

With our success has come a few growing pains and I will attempt to address one of them now.


Without doubt, the strongest voices in the MHRM are women. We only need think of Karen Straughan and her legion of YouTube subscribers or Cassie Jaye and the center stage spotlight she commands today. Just two of a wide variety of females throwing energy and reputation on to the table for a gender other than their own.

And yet this fact brings with it a persistent criticism of the MHRM, from within the MHRM itself, lamenting the weakness of its men in giving space to such women and a fear we are at risk of being ‘feminized’ and/or emasculated by these femme fatales.

Personally, I bear not such concern.

Rather, at the risk of being branded a cuck by the ignorant and stupid, I rejoice in the presence of and power these women lend to our shield wall. The old term, Shield Maiden is enough give me a bemused chuckle.

This male insecurity over women’s voices in the MHRM being more powerful than men’s stems from a lack of understanding of both the history of the MHRM and gynocentrism itself.

The MHRM is hundreds of years old and until recently was depressingly tiny and almost completely male. It has long been a simple matter to dismiss, denounce, condescend to and ignore those male voices. Any woman only needed to play the victim of it and the entire movement simply failed to move.

That was the horrific reality for generations of dead men, piled high.

When I was a boy, male suicide and the life gap were statistical realities and known quantities and yet are still being ignored over half a century later!

The modern MHRM however has four antidotes to that longstanding and seemingly intractable problem.

  1. The internet. The ability to publish into the information super highway is a game changer in and of itself.
  2. Gladly enduring the walk of shame and refusing to be tone policed.

There is no traction in telling a man he has a small wiener and he must to sit down and shut the fuck up if he refuses to respond and continues using his voice. He has taken his walk of shame and is not returning to the plantation. This is why the term Men’s Rights must never be toned down to appease the sensibilities of the gentile. The instant we allow ourselves to be policed, we are co-opted. Compromised and prone to take over by something other than the truth and the open competition of ideas.

See Alison Tiemans 19 video playlist on Threat Narratives, Gender Roles, Slavery and the Rise and Fall of Empires.

Yeah, it’s long, it’s heavy and you need to HTFU and do it or you may miss your own freedom.

  1. Being unignorable. Think Paul Elam and Bash a violent bitch month. One of the most important trolling’s in human history. Still merrily harvesting today. The MSM still largely refuses to acknowledge that the Jezebel website was the real sexist in that epic or that women are more often the perpetrators of domestic violence.
  2. feMRAs. It’s a simple fact of gynocentrism that you cannot dismiss, denounce, condescend to, and ignore a woman talking about the shitty behaviour of women in the same way a man can be dismissed as a sexist because of what is between her legs.

She has a vagina obviously!!!!!

The Karens and the Cassies etc. nullify the white knights and strip the gynocentrists of their proxy violence, their central anchoring tenant of power.

No man is going to punch Cassie Jaye in the face to shut her up.

Cassie has no female victims.

In fact her cries for help for men is as powerful as our adversaries’ false allegations.

Which is why feminism is so fucking desperate to kill her movie.

This is what makes the The Red Pill movie such a game changer for us. That documentary can red pill a hard core, over entitled, domestically violent, Australian feminist in two hours flat. Wouldn’t have believed it myself if I hadn’t seen that very thing with my own two eyes. Like an Admiral aboard an aircraft carrier ordering a lighthouse to get out of his way, your global paradigms are coming up for a bruising beat down.

The incessant bleat of some men in social media about MRAs being pussies for accepting women in the movement, simply because women have a stronger voice in the face of gynocentrism than men, is a tad insecure.

Personally, I am glad for it as we need those voices to defeat the gynocentrists who call on white knights. The ability of Cassie’s work to drop an Aussie bush pig cold is calibre enough for me.

And lastly, neither feminism nor women can take over the MHRM because of Point Two, so long as we refuse to allow ourselves to be tone-policed because of gynocentricity.

The Empire of Gyn is dead and doesn’t know it yet.

The day Karen or Alison start to spruik gynocentrism, they will be called on it. Immediately and savagely. They won’t be spared because of what’s between their legs. The widespread affection all these women command is down to their personal intellect and integrity.

The MHRM is an open competition of ideas. A simple meritocracy.

I find the very idea that the men of the MHRM should have any problem with the women of the MHRM to be frankly feminist.

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