White Ribbon Australia ambassador challenges the sisterhood – is slated for reeducation camp

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed is an esteemed psychiatrist, author, media regular and an ambassador to the White Ribbon Australian Campaign. He recently penned an excellent article on the subject. Unfortunately he was critical of the feminist model and talked about an indifference to men as victims that he said needed to be corrected in his article, “Men Forgotten in Violence Debate.

Only now it seems that it is Dr.Ahmed is the one who is going to be corrected, with some reeducation from people who are light years behind him in expertise. Libby Davies, CEO of White Ribbon Australia, the one who wants to send Dr. Tanveer Ahmed for reeducation, is herself only qualified/educated as Bachelor of Arts in Social Science, and some qualification in Secondary Education and Teaching. Ahmed is facing assessment by his ideological controller, not an academic peer.

Ahmed has apparently agreed to submit to some of Davies’ help in getting his mind right.

Officials from Erin Pizzey’s whiteribbon.org secured quick approval from Ahmed to repost the original in its entirety, which you can read here.

It would be easy to jump the gun and criticize Tanveer Ahmed for what could be considered caving. I hope he stays in because most people who can see the truth can’t unsee it. He could be part of a new and better culture in the DV field, even if he has to listen to a substitute high school teacher.

It still remains that every victim of domestic violence could gain from his work (as well as Erin Pizzey’s), and at the very least he had the metal in his spine to write it in the first place.

The gravy here is that we have one of their own on the indelible record saying the exact same things we have been saying about the same problems for years. The problems that White Ribbon Australia has hidden since its inception; the problems they are now trying to hide again as of this writing. And they are punishing him for his off-the-plantation sins in full display. We have more incontrovertible proof that the narrative is actually starting to change and that the opposition is clueless on how to handle it. That is in sync with AVFM’s mission (and WhiteRibbon.org’s).

It is only a matter of time till someone else steps up and stands tall and proud for the coercive reaction of the fascists. Our work will play a role in inspiring more men like Dr. Tanveer Ahmed and women like Erin Pizzey. If we and other MHRAs keep hammering, we can force White Ribbon to clean up its act in full view of the world.

Is it a thousand gold bars? No. But it is still pure gold.

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