Where Exactly is the Army Hiding Major General Mark Stammer?

If you have been following the stories of the persecution and wrongful conviction of U.S. Army Major Christian “Kit” Martin, you are most familiar with the name, Major General Mark Stammer; the architect of the recent PERSECUTION of Major Martin at Fort Campbell Kentucky.

It seems of late, Mr. Stammer cannot be found?


MG Mark Stammer – On his way out?


It has been rumored but we have been unable to confirm that BG Stammer has grown a mustache, entered the entertainment industry, and was recently cast as the lead in “Paul Blart, Mall Cop, Part II.” Any confirmations or sightings would be greatly appreciated.

As several advocacy organizations have investigated and reported, including AVFM, National Coalition for Men (NCFM), Save Our Heroes, Military Corruption dot-com, and Investigative Reporter Bob McCarty; General Stammer has been identified as the architect behind Major Martin’s false allegation circus of a courts-martial, and one of the primary individuals at the center of a Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General investigation, as a result of his retaliatory actions by orchestrating the courts-martial of Major Martin.

Recently, however, it seems as though Mr. Stammer is missing. Where did he go? Is it possible the heat in the kitchen is getting too hot, and the Army decided to hide him away someplace until the heat in the kitchen cools down?

Well not so fast, U.S. Army; there’s an army of advocates out there calling for the head of MG Stammer; calling their congressmen, their senators, even their local animal catchers if it means holding Mr. Stammer accountable for his egregious miscarriage of justice.

Everything that everyone has been saying that is wrong with the military’s current “witch hunt” of male service members is present in the case of Major Martin; which was directed by MG Stammer then enforced by his lackey goons in the Fort Campbell JAG Corps; primarily corrupt prosecutors Major Jacob Bashore, and Major James Garrett and peripherally involving Captain Shawn Atkins, Major Rebecca Farrell, Major Jenny Schlack White, and Captain James Banti.

With all of this heat in the kitchen, where exactly is the Army hiding MG Stammer? Is the Pentagon storing him away someplace to keep him out of the spotlight? Have the hundreds or perhaps thousands of those who have complained to their Congressmen or Senators, given Pentagon leaders a moment of pause and concern?

According to a Department of Defense Press Release No: NR-036-16, dated January 29, 2016i, MG Stammer, who had been the Commander of the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa since January 2015ii, Operation Enduring Freedom, Djibouti, was to be appointed as the deputy commanding general, XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina; but that did not happen.

According to a March 19, 2016 articleiii in the Fayetteville Observer; based in Fayetteville, North Carolina, just outside of Fort Bragg, he was a last minute scratch.


In a sudden twist and according to a Department of Defense Press Release No: NR-088-16 dated March 15, 2016iv, MG Stammer will now be assigned as the deputy commanding general of I Corps, based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, in Washington state.

According to the I Corps websitev they are a Joint Task Force that fully integrate other service components to conduct unified operations for the U.S. Pacific Command; however, neither Major General Stammer’s name nor photo, or any information about him, appears on their website. Even a search for his name on their website comes up goose eggs; no press release, no bulletins, no nothing.

Could it be that this ‘alleged” assignment is in name only? Could it be that the pressure of the DoD IG investigation and the overwhelming evidence of guilt has forced the Army to hide him away out of the spotlight until this all blows over?

We cannot read the minds of the powers that be in the Pentagon, but when you see a picture of elephant dung, it would be pretty safe to say that it stinks.


Elephant dung, no real resemblance to MG Mark Stammer, we think?

So where is MG Mark Stammer; exactly?

Perhaps those interested could email the Public Affairs Officer as Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) at usarmy.jblm.i-corps.mbx.i-corps-pao@mail.mil and ask that question; or a bunch of questions, or make a statement; politely of course. Aren’t taxpayers entitled to know what exactly MG Stammer’s 200K+ salary is being used for?

Is Stammer actually providing a service and doing a job for the U.S. Military, or is he being kept out of the spotlight, collecting a hefty salary while Major Martin languishes in a military correctional facility; deprived of his freedom, his family, and his dignity for crimes he did not commit?

Will Mr. Stammer be held accountable by the DoD, or will this be another example of sweeping this kind of misconduct under the rug?

Is this another example in a miles-long list of examples where the abusers, the liars, the actual criminals, and those who abuse their authority are rewarded; and those they persecute; the falsely accused are punished?

Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Those are valid questions.

Perhaps the readers may want to ask their congressmen or senators those questions? Maybe your elected representatives can get back to you with answers.

The military’s sexual assault “witch hunt” is gaining momentum; meaning that the momentum is in the form of advocacy and the calls for the end of this nonsense is going viral. Too many witch hunts, too many examples, too many corrupt military commanders, prosecutors and investigators, too many Salem Witch Trials, too much suppression of the truth, too many destroyed servicemen, and too many devastated families, friends, co-workers and those concerned in the military are taking their toll.

Advocacy groups are doing their part, but the loudest voices are coming from those who are disgusted with the travesty of justice, and they are making sure their elected leaders are hearing them as well.

Advocacy isn’t just the responsibility of AVFM and other groups; it is the responsibility of us all.

As an individual under whose watch a good majority of this is happening once said; “I have a pen and a phone, and I intend to use them.” Well then; use them.


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