What are Kangaroo Court Judge Kathryn Solarzano & Elizabeth Gertz Trying to Hide?

A New Stalker has emerged in the never ending Stalker-Serial False Accuser Pauley Perrette Saga: Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Elizabeth Gertz. Apparently with the assistance of Judge Kathryn Solarzano.

AVFM & NCFM have issued media requests for cameras in the trial of Francis Shivers. Those requests were denied by Judge Kathryn Solarzano. See full documentation, in PDF form, at the end of this article.

What is the Los Angeles County Superior Court Trying to Hide?

As these recently obtained and constructed public record documents reveal, a new stalker in the Francis Shivers – Pauley Perrette saga has emerged: Deputy Los Angeles City Attorney Elizabeth Gertz.

To give those who have been following this story an update, Francis Shivers will be in court again this Thursday, May 1st at 8:30 at the L.A. County Superior Court, Airport Branch, 11701 South La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, in Department D, the courtroom of Judge Kathryn Solarzano. Since the court is open to the public, please feel free to attend along with other trail watchers. Please be respectful and courteous, follow all rules of the court, and do not disrupt the proceedings. Please advise us of any unwarranted detentions or searches, seizures or destruction of any of your property.

This hearing, prompted by Deputy City Attorney Gertz, is a far-reaching, and it is now blatantly obvious what is happening: a delusional attempt to cause a phony “probation violation” by Mr. Shivers based on his Facebook postings. Ms. Elizabeth “Loony Lizzy” Gertz, using her brain surgeon and Einstein-like intellect, thought it would be a good idea to visit Mr. Shiver’s Facebook page covertly as an “anonymous friend,” to see and monitor what he was posting on social media. Wow, that was original and clever, wasn’t it?

Since she already admitted it in open court–our heads shake in wondrous amazement–she had to follow through with her declared intention to violate his probation. You can also see her response in PDF form at the end of this article; that response was preceded by Mr. Shivers’ attorney, Mr. Sanford Passman’s Brief, also at the bottom of this article. It would appear that the “asleep at the wheel” attorney, Mr. Anthony Brooklier is no longer involved in this case.

You can see from Mr. Passman’s Brief that he makes the points that it is clear that there has been no complaint, up to this point by serial stalker and false accuser Pauley Perrette, unless she comes up with something at the last minute. The only one who is raising a ruckus is the prosecutor, Elizabeth Gertz which means she will have to take the stand and testify under oath. My guess is that she will stumble and fumble inside of two minutes, even if common sense would dictate that she give up on this foolish endeavor.

We will also see if Miss Stalker Pauley shows up to court on Thursday, which would mean she would have to take the stand. That will probably not happen on the advice of her new legal counsel, not the prior legal counsel of corrupt and proven perjurer attorneys Ron Litz and Alexandria Lavinsky, if they are still practicing law, or if they are now on the French-fry line at In-and-Out.

It seems as though plus-sized Looney Liz Gertz is not happy with the fact that young Francis has exercised his First Amendment Rights by posting his formal complaint of Gertz to the California State Bar, in which proof was provided showing that Gertz is in violation of countless state bar professional rules of conduct violations as well as Subornation of Perjury, Conspiracy, and Civil Rights violations. Looney Liz was also displeased with some of the comments generated by Mr. Shiver’s postings, none of which are threatening or are in any violation of any law.

Gee, that is not a stretch; any criminal would certainly be upset by the revelation and proof of their crimes being aired in public.

What is truly head shaking is what would prompt a prosecutor, any prosecutor to go to the extent of attempting such ridiculous and child-like tactics and obsession with attempting to send Mr. Shivers to the big house at any and all costs? Why isn’t someone higher up on the dysfunctional and incompetent food chain putting a stop to this?

It would seem that providing proof of multiple felonies by a rogue prosecutor in the form of trial transcripts; her own spoken words, is insufficient to get, what is now clearly obvious, a very disturbed and dangerously obsessive prosecutor removed from a criminal case.

Oh, and by the way; Perrette was also proved to be a liar, once again, for like, the thousandth time, in that complaint through the trial transcripts; her own spoken words. We have lost count after a thousand or so lies.

Now that proof has been provided that the only true criminals in that courtroom are Elizabeth Gertz and Pauley Perrette, plus a handful of paid Perrette liars who testified at trial; we and the thousands of readers to the articles on this circus must wonder what kind of circus in going on in that courtroom?

Is there not a judge present who is supposed to swear an oath for the equal administration of justice? Is there not a judge in attendance who is supposed to follow the law, to exercise good judgment and common sense? Is there not a judge in attendance who is tasked with monitoring either over-zealous prosecutors or defense attorneys, and that due process and constitutional protections are followed? Is there not a judge in attendance who is supposed to insure that the taxpayer resources are applied effectively and efficiently? Or is there a muted mannequin dressed in a robe, sitting in that chair, watching this loony tunes circus unfolding before her and sitting silent, confused or “star struck?”

A Voice for Men and the National Coalition for Men were wondering the same thing. Earlier this week, and in the hopes of bringing the truth to the public and the thousands who have been following this story, official media requests were submitted to the court for authorization to bring cameras in the courtroom.

Less than 24 hours after submission, both the AVFM and NCFM media requests were denied by Judge Kathryn Solarzano. Well, it’s official now, Judge Solarzano has been formally informed and has acknowledged that the prosecutor in this case, one Elizabeth Gertz, is the subject of a State Bar complaint for prosecutorial misconduct.

We shall see if Judge Solarzano, since she is now fully aware and has signed the media request denials, if she will recuse Looney Liz and have her escorted out of the courtroom, hopefully into the hands of some really nice doctors with nice clean white coats and a large butterfly net.

We, and many others wonder, how is it possible that the drunk driving court hearings of Lindsey Lohan and Justin Bieber, at that same courthouse are given unfettered media access, prompting a horde of cameras and reporters to the courthouse, yet the criminal antics of serial false accuser and stalker Pauley Perrette and the corruption of delusional rogue prosecutor Elizabeth Gertz not worthy of public scrutiny not permitted to be filmed.

What is the Los Angeles County Superior Court trying to hide?

Why are the true criminals in this matter, Pauley Perrette and Elizabeth Gertz (and a few others; Angela, are you paying attention?) not on trial in this courtroom rather than the true victim in this, Francis Shivers?

The answer is explicitly clear and that is that they don’t want the general public to know or learn just how utterly corrupt this system truly is, and how some segments of the criminal justice and judicial systems have been compromised by the close proximity of celebrities.

There is one good thing that Looney Liz has done for Mr. Shivers. By her actions, she has kept that door open and provided further proof and evidence that will assist Mr. Shivers in his civil action. Thanks Liz.

It could be said that the evidence and proof that Pauley Perrette is a liar and Elizabeth Gertz is a delusional corrupt prosecutor is overwhelming. That would be an inaccurate statement, rather it could be said that the evidence and proof is epic. What does that say about the local L.A. political and public official leadership?

Despite thousands of pages of evidence, letters, official court files, declarations, transcripts and other evidence being supplied to the LA County Grand Jury, the California State Bar, the Los Angeles City Attorney, the California Commission on Judicial Performance, the LAPD Internal Affairs Unit, the LAPD Office of Inspector General, the FBI Public Corruption Unit, The United States Attorney for Los Angeles, the California Department of Consumer Affairs (an intentional dig on Nazarian), the California State Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees, and Cops-4-Causes, not one public or elected official has uttered so much as a syllable of this mind-boggling miscarriage of justice.

Does that bother anyone? Should the general public be concerned with such routine miscarriages of justice? Should the general public be afraid?

A Voice for Men and the National Coalition for Men are extremely appreciative of all of the efforts of the volunteers and for those who have contacted us anonymously and please keep the information coming. For those few public officials who have contacted us and have provided invaluable information, you can rest assured that your identity will never be revealed, and you should prepare yourself for reprisals and frivolous employment actions should your identity be learned by your employer from within.

The readers of AVFM & NCFM are assured that these organizations and the volunteers and advocates tirelessly working on this will never give up, NEVER, until the true criminals in this scenario are locked up behind bars, lose their jobs, lose their fortunes, or are held accountable for their actions in full compliance with all laws, due process and constitutional protections; those same things that Mr. Shivers has not enjoyed.

Documents referenced in this article:

2014-04-21 Gertz response to Shivers Brief

2014-05-01 Brief re Gertz Facebook

AFMV Denial Form from LA County Court

NCFM Fax, Confirmation and Denial Media Request


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