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This was originally posted to paulelam.com and is reposted here so that the author can shamelessly promote his new website.

Ten years and 21 million visitors ago, I launched avoiceformen.com. Thanks to the efforts of many it rose to be regarded as the Flagship for the online men’s movement. The only downside for me in that success was that when A Voice for Men achieved prominence, the website more or less stopped being mine. In spirit, it’s now the property of a large collection of men and women, dedicated advocates, from around the world. I intend for it remain that way long past the time I am gone.

Meanwhile, I have opted to carve out a spot more of my own making, both personally and professionally. I acquired paulelam.com and set about building a website dedicated to my services, but also committed to becoming the kind of place you can send men who’ve been stung by society’s gynocentric bias; men who need exposure to Red Pill thinking.

It could also be useful to new Red Pill initiates. So, if you see someone walking around dazed and confused and they tell you that they just had their brain zapped by watching The Red Pill Movie, please send them here. It’s exactly where they need to be.

I’ve organized most of my most popular talks and articles. There are many more to come with your help. Please feel free to join me in the comments here. Sound off about articles/videos that you’d like to see included in the pages of this site. Any and all other suggestions about the layout and features are welcome as well.

Also, if you run across bugs, please let me know so I can spray them. The site is brand spanking new and probably has the odd glitch here and there. And, after all, I built this myself, so any number of potholes and speed bumps should be expected.

So, if you’d like to help me out, by all means kick the tires and take it around the block for a spin. You may stumble on some content that resonates with you that you had not seen before, or you may notice something not working that I missed. Either way your help is appreciated.

Other than that, please enjoy this website. And join me in the days ahead as I build this platform into the “go to” resource online for men who need a different way of seeing the world.



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