“We have no agenda,” says Ban-happy Mod on Raw Story

The Raw Story has banned MRAs and MGTOWs for who they are, sometimes before they even make a single comment. Dannyboy has emailed Raw Story publisher Roxanne Cooper (@AlterRox) and will be sure to add hashtag #rawstory to call out the clear bias exercised against John Hembling (see his response here), Alison Tieman, and Dean Esmay, myself, not to mention many others that dissent from Raw in their comment sections.

Roxanne, in the spirit of independent progressive journalism, was dismissive and presumptuous.

Dannyboy Roxanne Cooper Email

But that’s not the fun part. Deep in the comment section of the article Raw published with my face, a comment mod called enthous has posted the following garbage after a long string of deleted comments that challenged a feminist reader (See bottom of thread).

Oh no he dinn't
Oh no he dinn’t

Go find that comment right now on enthous’ feed, and confirm its existence for yourself under “Men’s rights activists dispute woman’s copyright claim over ex-husband’s suicide note.” It may be deleted later given how dishonest the Raw Story happens to be.

Oh, shoot. I think I just made my ban permanent, if it was not already. The comment policy says this about banworthy offenses (emphasis mine at the end of the paragraph):

6. Anything else our moderators, staff or freelancers deem disruptive. We wish this could be a comprehensive list, but we’ve been on the Internet long enough to know that there will always be someone who can some up with some offensive thing we haven’t thought of before. A good rule of thumb is that if you are writing it to piss someone off, stop. If you are trying to trump something offensive someone else said, stop. If the other person “insulted you first,” stop and flag their comment for a moderator and/or email tips@rawstory.com instead of replying with another insult. If the Secret Service would be asking us for your ISP address if they read it, stop. If a little voice in your head says, “The moderators might challenge this,” listen to that voice before submitting the comment.

But forgive me enthous, of course you all don’t want to look like you have an agenda! That’s why you moderate articles that insinuate MRAs advise men on bedding drunk women, where even female MHRAs like Alison aren’t allowed to exist. That’s why you and your buddies ban people pre-emptively. That’s why your policy page expects visitors to read your minds to guess if you’ll approve of their thoughts.

Sarcasm aside, sometimes if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. Please either go to the comment section of my video on this subject or the comment section here and say everything the Raw Story would not let you say. I am going to be tweeting Roxanne like a crack-addicted canary with links to this article and my video saying that you are the people she has forcibly silenced.

I ask anyone reading this to tweet the same. Again, the handle is @AlterRox.

Let one thing be very clear: The Raw Story is not a qualified journalistic source. It had several opportunities to write an addendum, an apology, or something to correct the dishonest, sensationalist garbage it pukes out of computer monitors everywhere.

Even if Raw were to post facts from time to time, ask yourself if that alone excuses its denial of discourse based on the fact that you might be correcting something they said about you.

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