Update: U.S. Army Major “Kit” Martin case. NCFM efforts prompt DoD investigation.

As AVFM reported here on April 28th, the National Coalition for Men; after a lengthy investigation filed a 19 page complaint with U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General and several others on behalf of U.S. Army Major Christian “Kit” Martin. The complaint stems from the persecution of Major Martin for a variety of sex related offenses that arose from a highly contentious divorce proceeding.

AVFM has learned that a number of developments have rapidly occurred.

Major Christian “Kit” Martin
Major Christian “Kit” Martin

As a result of the advocacy efforts conducted by NCFM, the Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General has officially opened a whistleblower investigation of Fort Campbell Kentucky’s handling of his courts-martial; rather their mishandling of his courts-martial. There may be other entities within DOD IG or other governmental entities that may have initiated inquiries that we have not yet been made aware.

We are also aware that this deplorable persecution has been brought to the attention of Congressman Duncan Hunter (R) California, a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Secondly, Major “Kit” Martin has retained a new, civilian and military criminal defense team. Attorney and NCFM Advisor William L. Summers  and Attorney R. Tucker Richardson III, in addition to new Army JAG Defense Counsel Captain John Shutt from Fort Knox Kentucky.

William L. Summers
William L. Summers

Mr. Summers has been practicing law since 1969 and is considered one of the preeminent military criminal defense attorneys in the nation. You can go to Mr. Summer’s website and see his vast list of accomplishments which are too many to list here.

Mr. Richardson was elected in 2015 to the prestigious American Board of Criminal Lawyers. His website also has a lengthy list of accomplishments.

As in any criminal defense case, where there appears to be overreach and a capitulation to the military sex assault lynch mob, a strong and competent criminal defense team is essential.

R. Tucker Richardson III
R. Tucker Richardson III

Additionally, some very troubling and revealing information was discovered during the investigation of Major Martin’s case which should cause alarm to every man in the military. Some serious ethical and procedural issues were discovered that involved one of Fort Campbell’s JAG prosecutors in this case. As a result an official complaint to the Commonwealth of Kentucky State Bar has been filed against her by Major Martin and his defense team.

Still yet was a Facebook post that Major Schlack-White sent to Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D) New York, who has been one of the loudest voices calling for all types of major “reform” in the way that the military and college campuses handle allegations of sexual assault.


As you can see, a female Army JAG attorney echo’s many opinions that AVFM, NFCM and other organizations have been saying for a number of years — that the military is more divisive by gender than it ever has been in its entire 240 year history. Also, Major Schlack-White states that her colleagues refuse to have closed door meetings with her, presumably on cases they are working for fear of being falsely accused.

As we are all painfully aware, Senator Gillibrand seems to be impervious to facts and foolishly champions false rape accusers. If you recall, Gillibrand invited as a special guest to the State of the Union Address; Columbia Universities’ infamous false accuser Emma Sulkowicz, otherwise known as “mattress girl.”

Perhaps Gillibrand should have championed an actual victim in which an actual rape actually occurred but we are now in the fantasy rape twilight zone in which rapists are lurking around every corner and bush on college campuses, and behind every tank and in the depths of every aircraft carrier in the military. Every rape accusation is accepted as fact, even when proven false. Gillibrand has been heard in social, print, and television media stating that “mattress girl” did not receive justice at Columbia. I agree, Sulkowicz should have been expelled from Columbia and should be carrying around a jail mattress instead of a college one.

She should be in an orange jumpsuit instead of making porn vids about her confabulated rape.

AVFM, NCFM, and many other similar organizations have been speaking to for years to the biased ferocity prosecuting alleged sexual assault offenses in the military. While we are all in agreement with the aggressive prosecution of actual sexual assault violators, this zeal to send cases to courts-martial when evidence is lacking is a legal and ethical travesty. Many claims are proven unfounded, or, as in the case of Major Martin, proven false by civilian authorities. Still, the disturbing trend continues. The politically motivated push is to convict by any means necessary.

Today, it is guilty until “proven” guilty. If you are given the opportunity to prove your innocence you are still guilty. The military and college campuses want the accused’s heads on a platter, due process be damned. The feminist trained and brainwashed idoeological zealots feel that an unproven and unverified accusation is sufficient for mob rule, their mob, and hanging tree. College honor tribunals and indeed now the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) are no longer protection from the mob, they are part of it.

This political climate is truly reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 to 1693.

The severed heads that colleges and the Pentagon wants are nothing but photo ops that they can hold up for public view, much like ISIS is doing with bloodied, severed heads in the Middle East. “Look, see! We got one!” Fodder for the rabid, mindless followers of their corrupted theology.

Contrary to the wishes of some zealots, the eradication of the presumption of innocence; the ability to face and cross-examine your accuser; to eliminate constitutional and due process protections only in sexual assault cases, to allow for and present a defense still exist. In the military today, however, the Top Brass, whose noses have tarnished to brown, are seeking to destroy it all. For them, due process for the men who risk life and limb under their command, is a nuissance to be dispensed with for the sake of their bloated, corrupt careers. The military is going to rid its ranks of railroaded “rapists,” even if it means destroying innocent thousands and turning Ft. Leavenworth into a cottage industry.

It is no longer a dirty little secret (though it is still dirty) that the military sends virtually any allegation; regardless of the veracity, of domestic violence, sexual harassment or assault to a courts-martial or other sanction to demonstrate that the military is doing something about the manufactured domestic and sexual assault epidemic in the military.

The cowardly kowtowing of military commanders to extremely loud special interest groups and the likes of disingenuous politicians like Gillibrand and Claire McCaskill (D) Missouri, mean any allegation, absent probable cause and credible evidence, now go to a courts-martial or other sanction.

Collectively, our US Military Officers, have discarded their honor and defiled their oaths of service, which swears them to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not to protect their own and anyone elses careers. These officers, whether by action or omission, have become a shameful disgrace to the very uniforms they wear.

Major Jenny Schlack-White is a noble exception. Most remaining officers are ones who should now be filling the steel gray cages at Leavenworth for betraying those under their command.

Major Schlack-White comments that given the current state of distrust now established that her male colleagues refuse to have closed-door discussions on cases with her for the risk of being accused of some type of sexual harassment or assault. That is no different than in any other work setting in the military.

Military males have been complaining for several years in various online military forums that they fear and avoid being alone with any female military member in a job setting. The complaints in the forums are not sent up the chain-of-command for a reason. An officer who makes waves is an officer without a future. Again, the implication of cowardice is glaring.

I recall a young Captain when I served telling me, “Trust all officers. They are all honest.” Maybe there was a time that was close to true. If so, it is long gone.

The military has never been divided by gender so much as it is today. It is a toxic and hostile work environment for men. Many military males complain that they fear that any unfounded and unverified allegation of domestic violence, sexual harassment or assault will result in their removal from service, a possible courts-martial, or possibly a jail term. As a result, scores of highly trained and dedicated military men are leaving the service rather than make it a career. Who can blame them?

Ask any military male you know and you will hear that the current “man-bad woman good lynch mob mentality” and the constant hammering via SHARP briefings that military males are rapists and abusers in waiting and that they must be retrained and re-educated to not abuse or rape; that they are having a serious negative effect on morale and undermine the overall military mission.

All of this coming from officers who have betrayed their oaths, who are hurting morale and undermining the overall military mission. The hypocrisy in this is nauseating and despicable.

Sexual assault and harassment signs, pamphlets and brochures litter military instillations like graffiti in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and are plastered on the front pages of every military instillation’s website.

There is a glutinous level of sexual assault and harassment awareness; an awareness times infinity on steroids. The sexual assault epidemic in the military; just like the 1 in 5 on college campuses has been debunked so many times that we could post an article that would make War and Peace look like a Tweet.

As a result of this delusional hysteria and the ferocious quest to punish any male for any allegation is something that many simply can’t get their head around unless they or those close to them are directly affected.

Hopefully, the tide is turning. Responsible legal scholars and common sense journalists who opine based on logic and the Constitution are starting to raise their voices.

AVFM is confident that the retention of Major Martin’s new legal team will have a significant impact on his case and that other military males in similar situations will be helped by this as well.

When further developments occur we will bring them to you here.

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