Two major publications now covering Pauley Perrette’s court hearing

Pauley Perrette did show up for her restraining order hearing yesterday and it appears she’s pulling out all the stops; the hearing lasted hours and was recessed until Friday the 26th. Much to our delight, the hearing isn’t being ignored by all of the mainstream media; both the National Enquirer and London Daily Mail are reporting it. Tabloids? Yes, though it is worth mentioning that National Enquirer reporters were the primary source of accurate information during the O. J. Simpson saga; the MSM relied on them worldwide.

So how much longer can the so-called “legitimate” news sources continue to let themselves be scooped by papers read by millions of people?

From The Daily Mail:

“Shaking in the witness stand, Perrette said the 49-year-old musician has an obsession with her that he can’t control which has left her fearing for her safety, and that of her family and pets.”


From The National Enquirer:

“She has already admitted in previous court papers there has never been any physical violence against her.”


“‘Pauley has always portrayed me as a violent, crazed stalker who desperately wants to get back together with her,’ Shivers said. ‘That couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m a happily married man.'”



Stay tuned for more reports, here and (we hope) elsewhere, after the conclusion of the hearing.

All sarcasm aside, this is extremely important. The National Enquirer and James Robertson of The Daily Mail might not even be aware of the depth of official corruption in this case, and they might not realize how much irrefutable evidence exists against Perrette and her associates. It’s possible they believe they are merely reporting a convoluted but glamorous story about a popular starlet, but they have just given millions of readers a peek into Pandora’s Box – the one containing the unholy alliance between divorce lawyers and the criminal and family courts. As we have stated, the Perrette/Shivers case is likely among the worst cases of restraining order abuse in the history of California, and the international commercial press is now reporting it around the world.

Until A Voice for Men and The National Coalition for Men began investigating and exposing the facts of this case last year, the mainstream media was either reporting Perrette & Co’s soundbites or ignoring it altogether. We are making a difference.


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