This holiday season you can support abused men

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“As a man, it’s very difficult to say you’ve been beaten up. It seems like you’re the big brute and she’s the daffodil, but sometimes it’s not like that.”

So read the words of an unknown “gardener” named Dave as quoted in a two-and-a-half-year-old post on The Independent, which informs us of the uncomfortable reality of female-on-male domestic abuse. The article goes on to about the Mankind Initiative, a UK-based domestic abuse charity aimed at giving hope to such men. One could find that and go “Oh good, at least someone is addressing the problem!”

Except that as of right now, the Mankind Initiative tells us on their own website that they only have funding until January of 2016.

The Mankind Initiative receives no government funding for it’s activities on behalf of male victims. Those include:

  • A helpline for male victims that takes 1,600 calls a year from victims as well as concerned friends, family members and colleagues.
  • This helpline actively works to help victims “and their children escape from the suffering they face at home.”
  • Providing support, education and training for related agencies and volunteers.
  • Giving a voice to male victims through research, public awareness campaigns, government consultations, and supporting concerned students, academia & public officials.

According to the Mankind Initiative’s own statistics:

8.5% of women and 4.5% of men were estimated to have experienced domestic abuse in 2013/14, equivalent to an estimated 1.39 million female victims and 737,000 male victims. For every three victims of domestic abuse, two will be female, one will be male.

Needless to say, any number of victims of domestic violence is too much.

Please remember and support the Mankind Initiative’s quest for funding their vital services this Holiday season. Whether you celebrate those holidays or not, some other father or his children might get to have their own holiday made a little brighter this year.

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