There is no such thing as a sperm donor. They take it all.

“Women, do not live with this idea that men have this chivalry thing still with them.” ~ Whoopi Goldberg

In response to the new AVfM mission statement, I got a surprising (even for me) amount of hate mail. Most or all of it was assumedly from men. Some of the ire focused on the abolition of child support and alimony, but most of it was related to men’s reproductive rights.

Here is one of the more dramatic ones.

I am writing to let you know that you just lost another reader. In fact, I now consider myself DONE with the MRM.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw in your new mission statement that you think a man should be able to walk away from his responsibilities as a father when he gets a woman pregnant.

Is this what your new world looks like, men having all the sex they want and then turning their backs on the women who are carrying their children?

This casts a shadow of shame on every man who supports your movement. I refuse to be one of them.

Readers may want to take a moment to grieve the loss of another from the ranks of the MRM. Personally, I took solace in a handful of M&Ms and I am doing well enough now to address this email, which is actually about a very important issue.

I will attempt to do so as directly as possible. First, the writer’s question:

“Is this what your new world looks like, men having all the sex they want and then turning their backs on the women who are carrying their children?”

Yeah, that sums it up pretty nicely, actually. But I should add that I think men should be able to do so without a hint of guilt or social stigma.

Women have almost limitless options where it concerns reproduction. There are multiple, inexpensive forms of birth control. They can keep their legs closed. That option is very affordable, even if telling women life as a cum dumpster is risky, both for women and for the people who point out that the statement is true. There is abortion as a unilateral decision. There is even a post-conception abortion pill.

Women may also choose adoption, but that is a choice and a lot of paperwork they need not burden themselves with because they can just choose to unload their babies at hospitals, fire stations, and other convenient dumping sites. No questions asked.

None of these options, by the way, require any unwanted opinions or input from the father. Her body (including the baby). Her Choice. The full weight of the state and social approval stands behind that idea.

“Her responsibility” can and should be the final sound bite in that feminist mantra on reproductive freedom. But, of course, if responsibility were added to the equation, it would bring an end to some things feminists value very much. Money and power over the lives of men.

As things stand now, choice is the province of women. The responsibility for those choices fall on men who have no say about them.

Men (at least those they bother to inform) wait to be told if their child will be surgically terminated. If the child is allowed to live, the man will wait to be told how often he will have access to it, and how much it will cost him. He will also be pointedly informed of the price for not paying up.

He will also learn that when it comes to child support, there are no exemptions for illness, old age, or poverty. It is just like the mafia. Pay up or else.

This is what we call reproductive freedom for women. We have another name for it regarding men. It is called slavery.

I expect that about this time there is going be a certain kind of reader who will be furious, like the people who already emailed me. I expect a familiar chant.

“If men don’t want a child, they should keep their pants zipped!”

All I can do is suggest that these people apply the same advice to their mouths. Mind you, I mean that rhetorically. Anyone who wants to is welcome to come here and wax manly about how dudebros need to act as pack animals to have real worth. I am just saying that unless you are willing to tell women to quit expecting handouts and a cup of sympathy every time they get themselves knocked up by the nearest thug, you may just be proving your hypocrisy and your intellectual weakness.

The darkness in social force is strong. But there is a light coming, and it is called the end of chivalry.

Chivalry, clearly the most burdensome, punitive, and moronic social custom ever placed on a group of people, is slowly but surely being forced out of existence by the very group that has always benefited from it. It is not too surprising. History is full of foolish people, and the occasional revolutionaries who point out the errors of their ways.

The foolish part in this scenario is a society proving day by day that it cares less than nothing about the lives of men; indeed, that it views men and their problems with rancid contempt. Any student of social trends will tell you that the lack of compassion is invariably going to be reciprocated.

This particular case is long overdue. Men have the tendency to take care of fools and children, even when doing so is itself foolish.

Men also have a healthy ability to overcome their tendencies when the metal starts to meet the meat. Where it concerns sperm-gathering for dollars, that time has arrived.

And it will continue because it has to.

One of the things that I love about the pursuit of equality (as opposed to what feminists pawn off as the same) is that it means nobody owes you a fucking thing.

No one owes you a door opened for your convenience. No one owes you the right to look the other way and appreciate the walls of a restaurant when the check arrives. No one owes you a job or promotion because you have a vagina.

And no one owes you a lifetime of work and submission because you chose a path that did not include a bit of input from anyone but yourself.

Your body. Your choice, and your fucking baby. Now let’s hear some shit about how you don’t need a man. But you might want to consider the fact that a growing number of us have heard that one enough to start honoring it whenever possible.

Men so far can’t beat the laws on this, which of course have nothing at all to do with equality. But they can beat the mentality of those who think it is a man’s place in life to sit around and wait for a barfly or a welfare whore to determine their future—stop being so stupid.

This is the best place to start.

Consent to sex does not mean consent to parent. Ask any woman. She will tell you.

Let’s provide men with the same answer.

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