The Washington Post’s Disrespect for Male Veterans

As a short introduction, I’m a proud lifelong reader of the Post who nevertheless has long noticed the paper’s gender bias, most notably its imbalanced coverage of domestic violence, as described in a February 2023 report by The Coalition to End Domestic Violence.1

But my pride in the Post turned to quiet outrage in 2018 after the paper published two undeniably gender-biased articles: Why can’t we hate men? and Amber Heard’s shameful op-ed. Since then, I’ve been sending letters to Post columnists who have written articles that perpetuate this gender bias.

The Memorial Day cartoon by Washington Post political cartoonist Ann Telnaes is another example of the Post’s gender bias:

Particularly in light of the decades-long disrespect of men (e.g., decades of a feminist-inspired anti-male gender bias), I object to the hypocrisy of the Post using an image of military graves on Memorial Day to make a point about how these dead soldiers — essentially all male — fought a war against “authoritarianism” and two feminist-inspired injustices, “sexism and loss of bodily autonomy”, without the Post also acknowledging or even understanding how today’s feminism perpetuates these same injustices:


Feminism is as authoritarian a movement as has ever existed, but most people don’t recognize it because they’ve been bamboozled by a 50-plus year campaign of feminist political and cultural indoctrination, ostensibly about “equality”, but driven by hatred of men and female chauvinism, and enabled by a groveling male chivalry.

Two of literally thousands of easily-found examples of feminist authoritarianism include:

  • Early second-wave feminist Simone de Beauvoir’s statement about women raising their own children: “No, we don’t believe that any woman should have this choice. No woman should be authorized to stay at home to bring up her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one. It is a way of forcing women in a certain direction [emphasis added].
  • Famed feminist Kate Millet, author of the book Sexual Politics, a Marxist who advocated the destruction of the family, was particularly exercised about the failure of the Bolsheviks in the Soviet Union to abolish the family. Millet’s twisted, authoritarian thinking was revealed in a chilling article by her sister Mallory, Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives that proved feminism was never really about equality.



  • The aforementioned “Why can’t we hate men?” op-ed published by the Post in 2018, should be self-evident proof of not only feminism’s rampant sexism, but of how feminism has morphed into a hate movement. How in the world could The Washington Post be so completely oblivious to the anti-male sexism of this article, printing something that by its very title can only be considered hate speech?
  • [Feminists] seem unable to understand that their allegation of sexism is in its very essence, sexist. They criticize their critics’ behavior, whilst engaging in the very thing they accuse others of doing, which is the hypocrisy of totalitarianism.” — “Their Angry Creed”

Loss of Bodily Autonomy

The “loss of bodily autonomy” is, of course, a code phrase for abortion, which feminists have portrayed as a special (i.e., female) human rights issue — but only for the mother, ignoring the human rights of the fetus.

It is also an extreme example of the blind hypocrisy of a chauvinistic, feminist worldview that complains only about how women are victimized by their gender role, without a thought about how men are often more severely victimized by their gender role.

Feminists and the mainstream media are completely oblivious and silent to the “loss of bodily autonomy” — and often loss of life — of men who are socially coerced or often conscripted against their will, to fight and die in wars that they often don’t support or all too often don’t even understand.

If men can be forced to serve and kill, why can’t women be forced to protect life?

In addition to being a lifelong reader of the Post, I’ve also been a lifelong supporter of equal rights for women. Well before Betty Friedan and second wave feminism, even as a child, I supported equality for women because I recognized that my own mother would have been happier not being limited by her gender role.

But for a long, long time, I’ve gradually had my eyes opened to the ugly truth that feminism, like most other “social justice” movements, has long since lost its way.

If one doubts this observation, they need to read a book by English author Herbert Purdy, Their Angry Creed: The shocking history of feminism, and how it is destroying our way of life. The book methodically describes the dark, seamy underbelly of feminism that the world’s media has kept hidden for more than 100 years.

Had Ms. Telnaes not been confused by feminism’s gender siren song, here’s how her cartoon might have appeared:

In closing, let me repeat the ending I included for my recent Memorial Day posting, Unequal Military Sacrifices:

Women, by the blessing of gender, have never been asked or required to die defending their country, and yet today they show nothing but disrespect for the millions of American men who have served and the more than one and one-third million who have given their lives for their country.


[1] The report concludes, “The Coalition to End Domestic Violence calls on the Washington Post, in a timely manner, to run an editorial acknowledging its biased coverage of the domestic abuse issue, and to publish articles that focus on the plight of male victims of domestic violence.”

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