“The View” Makeup Assistant Calls Lorena Bobbitt Her “best friend” On Whoopi Goldberg Webseries

Karen Dupiche, Emmy Award winning makeup artist on ABC’s morning panel talk show “The View,” called Lorena Bobbitt her “best friend,” stating that she “loved it” when Bobbitt mutilated her husband John, in a rollicking, two minute installment of Goldberg’s new webseries, “Rollin’ With Whoopi.”

The Bobbitts made international news in 1994 when wife Lorena severed husband John’s penis and threw it in a field. Both became quasi-celebrities, as John had his organ re-attached and performed in a adult videos, and Lorena was fêted on talk shows and hailed as a hero by many women and feminists.

Dupiche, who has done makeup for such luminaries as Glen Close, Steve Harvey, and Bonnie Raitt, and is now Elizabeth Hasselback’s personal MUA on “FOX & Friends,” went on to describe with alacrity how she would have rectified Bobbitt’s mistake of throwing the severed organ in a field. Instead, Dupiche suggests she would have thrown it “on Main Street,” “South Orange Avenue,” and “Central Avenue.”

Goldberg chimed in that she would have threw it in the ocean. Dupiche agreed, chirping she also would have “mailed it to (John Bobbitt’s) grandmother and sister in pieces.”

Hairstylist Yancey Edwards followed up that with a crack about the severed penis’ size, saying “it wasn’t THAT big.”

Her official website describes Dupiche as having “the ability to capture any audience with a captivating personality that sparks excitement on national and international television and radio.”

The video begins with Dupiche inquiring, “if a woman kills her husband, we’re going to jail.” Goldberg, who once challenged Joe Biden on violent women, pointed out “not as often as men.”

This is not the first time lighthearted remarks about mutilated men were made on a women’s talk show. In 2011, Sharon Osbourne of CBS’s “The Talk” referred to the attack on John Becker as “quite fabulous.” Becker’s wife, Catherine Kieu Becker, severed his penis as he slept and destroyed it in a garbage disposal.

The View, in its 16th season, is executive produced by BarWall Productions, owned by Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie, Executive Producers of the show.


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