The unexamined brutality of the female libido

Snow White is a rapist, claim the Seven Dwarfs. Video confirmation follows below. 

In a bizarre and intensely sexist article in The New York Times entitled “The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido“, Canadian (of course) soy boy Stephen Marche posited all male sexuality was brutal and, echoing dead feminist Andrea Dworkin, that men need to have sex only with flaccid penises, if at all. Marche fulminated unironically against “the often ugly and dangerous nature of the male libido.”

Oh, please.

Feminists like Laci Green and even Jessica Valenti reacted with savage libidinous rage of their own.

Green tweeted dear , please do not compare men as a whole to the harvey weinsteins and bill cosbys of the world ever again. just because your writers are rape-sympathizing creeps doesn’t mean all men are. thx bye.

Valenti, who otherwise never met a problem she didn’t blame on men, nevertheless jumped in as if fearing a backlash. She tweeted

This is bad & dangerous: Men’s sexuality is not inherently predatory and claiming it is normalizes assault 

All this led me to wonder – what were these feminist women so scared of that they would jump to the defense of men they otherwise assail at every turn? Was it that, in a gender-equal world, the door was opening to explore the brutality of the female libido as well as the male?

Using Marche’s article as a template, let’s see what deep secrets of the FEMALE libido we can tease out, and how they compare to the hell of normal male desires.

Let’s start with Marche’s source Dworkin. In addition to her standard feminist man-hate, Andrea Dworkin was quite fond of incest and pedophilia, as she made clear in her 1974 book, and so her craving the flaccid penis of an unwilling underage boy is likely the origin of her limp dick fetish, and this suggests a feminine libidinal brutality on a scale far beyond that of a grown man pestering a grown woman for a date, a crime that would destroy a man’s career today.. That Marche writes approvingly of this lunatic is, at a minimum, concerning and if I were a parent living in his neighborhood, I would be unnerved by his proximity.

Marche gets a lot of other things wrong, and let’s go over a few of them. [Marche’s text in italics below.]

In the third century A.D., it is widely believed, the great Catholic theologian Origen, working on roughly the same principle [as Dworkin], castrated himself. 

Actually, in my Unitarian church, it is speculated that Origen, Arius and other early Christian teachers castrated themselves to avoid false accusations of sexual impropriety, since the religion classes they taught welcomed women as well as men. Modern college professors would do well to take note – a brutal maiming is the feminist ally new thing to do. This flips Marche’s reasoning on its head – self-castration was not about male libido but rather as a defense to the unstable behavior of libidinous women. It makes a lot of sense to me that Green and Valenti would be keen to cover this up.

Moving on.

Fear of the male libido has been the subject of myth and of fairy tale from the beginning of literature: What else were the stories of Little Red Riding Hood or Bluebeard’s Castle about?

The “beginning of literature” is The Epic of Gilgamesh, over 4000 years old and the second oldest surviving human story. Gilgamesh fends off the libidinous and marital advances of abusive Goddess Ishtar:

Ishtar, the goddess of love, invites Gilgamesh to her palace and proposes marriage. Gilgamesh turns her down, however, because she treated her previous lovers badly, often turning them into animals. Enraged by his refusal, Ishtar threatens to smash the doors of hell and release the dead unless her father, Anu, releases the Bull of Heaven to destroy Gilgamesh. Because of her threat, Anu does so.

So, if we are to compare – the male libido in Little Red Riding Hood devours grandma. In Gilgamesh, the frustrated female libido threatens the end of the world via zombies. That is harsh, ladies, and an echo of how society will collapse into chaos and starvation as men walk away.

And when it comes to fairy tales, in the latter half of this video, YouTube creator Sugar Tits does a good job compiling examples of expressions of the brutal female libido.

At this point in his article and after having made his flawed case, Marche mellows a bit, arguing that men’s independence and self-reliance makes men ignorant of the schemes and wiles of women. Of course, he says this in a quite roundabout way:

The men I know don’t actively discuss changing sexual norms. We gossip and surmise: Who is a criminal and who isn’t? Which of the creeps whom we know are out there will fall this week? Beyond the gossip, there is a fog of the past that is better not to penetrate….Very often, when I interview men, it is the first time they have ever discussed intimate questions seriously with another man.

This is the part that most deeply terrifies feminists – that men might actually talk about these issues in a framework that looks a lot like the mythical patriarchy of feminist nightmares. One source put it this way: 

The next fear is that men will get so nervous that they’re going to be accused of harassment that they will simply stop hiring, meeting or socialising with female colleagues. There are reports this is already happening. We will get shut out of the room where important decisions are made because men fear our presence? How ironic would that be?

This is where we need to go, guys – our futures are important and risk reduction is essential to a happy life and good business. Live the Mike Pence rule and avoid unrelated women so that you can reduce your exposure to feminist false accusations of sexual harassment.

And remember that, unless she is conscious and begs for it on camera, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation of a stricken woman is rape. Just let her die alone as Marche and Dworkin intended.


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