The Transwoman Boogeyman: A Social Observation On A Truly Weird Male Behaviour

Why would red pill men, non-feminist men, support the political power of misandric gynocentrists?

Want to know what’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay weirder than a man in a dress with coloured hair and lip gloss? Weirder even than a man telling women who apparently don’t know what a woman is, what a woman is?


You behaving as a grown arse child, pretending to be an alpha male, believing stories of bogeymen.

The Bogeyman is a type of mythic creature used by adults to frighten children into good behavior. Bogeymen have no specific appearance and conceptions, vary drastically by household and culture, but they are most commonly depicted as masculine or androgynous monsters that punish children for misbehavior.[Bogeyman]

Why would you support the political power of misandric gynocentrists by doing their bidding and believing AND ACTING on their threat narratives? Why do you denigrate, derogate and demean trans-women?

So called Red Pill men, MRA, MGTOW, et al, white knighting for fat, ugly misandric, segregationist terfs, the worst of the gynocentric cesspool. Antiwoke antifeminists, white knighting in direct support of radical feminism.

The so called deeply religious conservative right, white knighting for the worst of the extremist left wing. And these so called intellectual, talking head content creators are trying to weaponize woke arguments, like cultural appropriation, pretending theirs are the sharpest mind who have the right of it.

Watch Dave Rubin, a supposed founding member of the “intellectual dark web,” and his guests, doing exactly that.

Am I losing you yet, ya weirdo?

If you are getting lost then take this test.

If a woman ran for office on a platform of destroying the proposition that trans-women should be treated as women, would you vote for her?

Most of you would. Most of you have. But here’s the rub. You’re doing exactly the stupidest thing you’ve always done. You think you’re supporting normality and sanity but really you’re blind to the 3d chess of politics and are simply supporting feminist political power by believing in their Bogeymen.

You’re snatching defeat from the buffet of victory, supplicating to your masters, without cause. You are bending the knee to your enemy as the conquered man you are. You’re feeding the same misandric legislators that you’ve always voted for that got us to the situation we’re in.

The same man hating women who gave us the same laws that raped your life, took your assets, allowed the alienation of your children, excused female on male violence, and ignored those family members and friends who suicided.

The same women who left you contemplating the point of your own survival.
A question still to be answered in my view.

You’re bending the broken knee to the same fag hags and hand bags who took over the men only Gay Rights Movement back in the early 70’s, reducing the GRM to mascots to the feminist cause and who turned it into the rainbow people, GLBT, bringing trannies into the fold, as they were called back in prehistory.

By 74 it was LGBT, with the loud, large land whales in charge. And you have been voting for these male sacrificing misandrists ever since!

Now you insist you don’t want to eat a Hershey bar!

You’re so weird man.
A sad, sick puppy.

Let me unpack it for you intellectuals.

There’s a key difference between following your own reference to normal, which is the correct path in normal circumstances and supports your own identity, and keeping up with the bizarre world of political power struggles in the gender war.

As natural as it may seem to call a man a man and a woman a woman, to do so in this political power struggle is to white knight for the worst of radical feminists.

You are throwing men under the bus.

While standing on a mountain of dead men, KIA, that we intentionally don’t count properly.

That supposedly red pilled men don’t see what the political implications of their misplaced support has on the suicide tally is the real shocker here. Not to mention the remainder of the blizzard of men’s issues.

It’s the old chestnut of same and different: Heads they win, tails we lose. Women claim to be equal when they want to shame you for concessions that benefit them, but claim to be different and weaker when they want you to do the heavy lifting for their benefit.

Why would you support the political power of misandric gynocentrists?

For years now the woke mind virus has foisted the idea on us that gender is a social construct and a tool of patriarchal oppression, crushing the two spirit, furry minorities with 72 genders, a result of “… ‘me and my vulnerabilities’ along with ‘me and my demands,’ a pathological focus that channels its energy into topics like racial or gender-diversity tribalisms.” [The Child Archetype as Responsible for Woke Dystopia]

The usual men bad, women sainted angels, incapable of doing wrong.

Misandric Derangement Syndrome.

Until men started to do that shit too and accessed female privileges via the trans route (See Peter Wright here and here).

Among the plethora of hypocrisies in The Blizzard Gynocentrism, one that attracts no attention what so ever, is that Transmen, female-to-male, are entirely ignored by the sisterhood as they don’t bother the privileges of the Loud, Large and Incharge at all.

It’s only when men stepped into female territory, on an equal footing, did the sisterhood put her collective foot down and begin screaming misogyny. As she is want to do. It’s called Aggrieved Gynocentric Entitlement. Now she’s different from men.

To be accurate, terfs have been around since the 70’s, as some women recognised the problem of a man flying the signals, flags and pennants of female privilege the very first time they noticed it.

Men identifying as women gives the gynocentric power base a mortal wound. You are protecting them from that wound without any clue of political situational awareness.

And the wound is this.

Either gender is a social construct, or it isn’t.
Either gender identity wins or sexual identity does.

Either men and women are equal and anyone can be anyone, or a man identifying as a woman can crack a woman’s skull in the ring?

So is it biology or gender?

Truth or lie?

The entire edifice of gynocentric man hatred currently stands upon this gender lie. Either men have rights as humans or we don’t. Either women rule and men serve or we are fully legal human being too. Either women have a right to enter the Boy Scouts or the name has a legally significant meaning.

If it’s a lie, and women can’t have it both ways, then the last seventy years of bullshit needs to be wound back.

At the political level.

This is exactly the question coming before the Australian Supreme Court soon. The hearing is set for April.

Read the girls over at feminist legal doing their mental gymnastics to blame men for the monster they created, circling back to bite them on the arse.

“In the early days of the Giggle app, Sall was faced with the decision to make the app for women as a sex or women as a gender. After a sustained campaign of abuse and harassment by people calling themselves ‘transwomen’, Sall decided to make the app exclusively for females, including trans-identifying females or ‘transmen’. On Giggle, it would be the possession of female body, regardless of identity, that puts you in the ‘in’ crowd.”

Equality when they want power, speshul treatment when it doesn’t serve their power. If it wasn’t for double standards, feminists wouldn’t have any.

Unfortunately the feminist political activists who legislated the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) into existence, to drag men in front of, for perceived masculinity, has teeth and one raison detre: To stamp out inequality.

Oops! (The author chortles in toxic masculinity.)

The question before the Supreme Court of Australia is, at it’s core, is gynocentrism inequality? Do women have to share the power with men or not?

When your enemy is making a mistake, don’t interrupt them.
When your enemy is drowning, don’t try to save them.

Instead of a life preserver, throw them an anvil, a millstone, throw a chain net over them.
But don’t white knight for them just because they’re damseling.

Screw women’s sports.
Screw women’s toilets.
Men in women’s toilets will make them safer and cleaner.

Everyone knows how filthy and dirty women are in there – just ask a cleaner.

Sending some hairy chested swinging dicks in to hold them accountable will be a good thing.

Men in women’s spaces is an improvement.

Female paedophiles are bullet proof when it comes to accountability. Some men in women’s environs will make our children safer.

Transwomen aren’t killing anyone. They have around the same offender rate as the general population.

Worried about male rapists transing their way into women’s prisons? Don’t forget that female inmates rape other female inmates too.

Feminism Inc is the worst corruption known to man since the city of Uruk was built and writing was invented.

Why would your support their political power?

Sure transwomen might look a little weird but nowhere as weird as the collective male shooting himself in the face, politically, repeatedly.

But wait, there’s more weird!

You say you’re red pilled, bad to the bone, toxically masculine, alpha male and proud of it, but,… really,… just how tough are you big boy?

Do you have what it takes to do what it takes?

Will you step into the ring?
Will you stand next to your brother in the fight?
Take your place in the shield wall?
Defend the Mountain of Uncounted Dead Brothers as sacred ground?

Would you fly the signals, flags and pennants of Female Privilege in the real war?

Or will you revert to simping for the women starving for female validation?

If donning the amour of the battle dress and applying the makeup of war paint was the only way to kill the gynoinsanity and establish lasting equality, once and for all, are you really real man enough to strap up?

Big question isn’t it?

May I humbly suggest you inspect your own standards and values, with a loupe and calipers.

Before you next hold court as a denigrator of transwomen.

Check out the header image above and do some research on the Winged Hussars saving Europe. Sometimes men in weird dress are the best warriors by far.

Because those guys are better at tearing gynocentrism a new one, than the last 100 years of red pilled MGTOW, MRA, and general manospherians. That includes Andrew Tate, and Andrew Tate’s Dad (Paul Elam), not to mention the rest of us. And in honour of the men whose shoulders I stand upon, whose leadership I follow, it’s not for want of trying.

Just don’t white knight for the misandrists bro.
That’s way too weird.

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