The times they are a changing

It’s been said that if you want to understand a society, ignore the anthropologists. Ditto for psychologists. Scratch sociologists off your list, too. They’re all useless. None of these disciplines can help us understand a society’s people or their core values and beliefs.

As strange as it may seem, if we want to plumb the depths of a society’s consciousness, into the well spring of its collective thinking, the thing to watch is the advertising.

This is no revelation to the red pill community. From the tried and true ploys, selling beer, cars and a host of other products with raw sexual imagery, to peddling laundry soap so easy to use that even a man can do it, we’ve seen it all.  We’ve witnessed and commented on the tropes for years, particularly the misandric ones, portraying men precisely as society sees them. Menacing. Inept. Useless. Unnecessary. We’ve been taken aback, astounded, as companies like Gillette parrot the modern mindset about men as default perpetrators and agents of evil.

Yep, a few hours in front of your average television and you will get a real clear picture of the society that’s watching it. The worst of it is sometimes ugly, and, sadly, hateful.

So, it was with both pleasure and surprise that I heard about a company called Egard Watches, who made a potent, profoundly touching response to Gillette’s full-frontal assault on men. It was even more pleasing that the ad they created was met with such overwhelming public approval.

Something, in this society, must be changing.

That change is consistent with other matters of public discourse, like the recent reporting that antifeminism is now more popular than feminism. Who would have thought that possible 5 years ago?

Back to the advertising, though, a look at top of the home page of reveals a banner ad for Coyote Gear, an Arizona based company that sells brass and steel fittings, among other things. Brass and steel. The changing times. Both are a pretty good fit with the men’s movement, I’d say. And it can be revealed that this advertising was secured because of the advocacy for men and boys, not in spite of it.

Yep. Something in this society is changing.

I have also heard through the grapevine that the CEO of Egard Watches, Ilan Srulovicz, may be attending ICMI in Chicago next month. Did I say that things are changing?

Trust me, I understand that a couple of unexpected moves from comparatively small companies won’t exactly change the tilt of the Earth’s axis. But I submit to you that none of this was even possible a short time ago. We are changing the narrative.

You are changing the narrative.

I can even point out that the venue for the next ICMI is anything but a small company. They are a very big name and they know about the history of ICMI, yet they are backing the Honey Badger Brigade’s efforts to host the conference there. If that is not change, I don’t know what is.

So, what can you do? Well, you can get your ticket and attend the conference. In the absence of that (or in addition to it) you can visit Egard Watches and Coyote Gear and give them well some deserved business.

We are a growing demographic, but we won’t be that way for long if we don’t reward companies who take risks by covering our backs.

Now, off to get myself a new watch.

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