The time has come for men’s issues groups

As I have referenced here many times over the past several months, A Voice for Men has been working in conjunction with the National Coalition for Men (NCFM) to develop the infrastructure for assisting college students with the creation of men’s issues groups on campuses across the US and elsewhere. Well, we finally get to show you what we are talking about.

This video, created and narrated by Tom Golden is the first in a series designed to reach out to college students everywhere; to find those who see the need for men’s issues groups, who want to start them in their own schools, and to help them do that. Please feel free to download this video and mirror it on your Youtube Channel, or to embed it on your blog.

Also, you can post it to your facebook accounts and tweet a link or use any other form of social media to help spread the word. Let’s make this happen. PE

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