The social media crusade against free thought continues

I woke this morning to find my Facebook account had been deleted by the social media giant. No explanation was given, just a nice, tidy note informing me that I no longer exist. At least according to Facebook.

Of course, none of this is new. I was lifetime banned from Twitter nearly a year ago for tweeting news stories about women who had either publicly admitted to, or had been convicted of, falsely accusing men of rape. In the case of Twitter, they did offer me the explanation that Tweeting legitimate news stories about rape liars was equivalent to targeting them for harassment. Twitter made it clear that they wanted news stories about dangerous people silenced when those people were women and they were just hurting men.

I almost wish Twitter had taken the Facebook route of evading explanation, settling for the more ‘mean girl’ method they employed to silence me on that platform. Knowing Twitter’s rationale didn’t make matters any more reasonable or less scary.

Of course, my story is just a microcosm of what is happening on a much larger scale with the great majority of social media platforms working collectively to silence anyone whose political views fall anywhere right of Mao.

In their fervor to crush dissent from the views of fascistic Millennials and benighted Gen Z cubical clones, social media platforms have become like telephone companies who monitor what you talk about on the phone and cut the line when you say something they don’t like.

The political right, purportedly the guardians of our personal liberties, have been feckless and impotent in the face of this very real crusade against free thought. Clinging blindly to 1970’s Libertarian mentality, they are more apt to rush to the defense of these virtual monopolies, mindlessly ignoring their unprecedented power over people and the society they live in. They are to modern political discourse what tin cans and string are to modern communication.

Welcome one and all to the future of leftist control, courtesy of the gutless, clueless right.

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