The single most humiliating moment in Jessica Valenti’s public life

In November 2014, Brown University hosted a debate between two very different feminists, one of which was Jessica Valenti. Unfortunately for her, the other one was Wendy McElroy. As you are about to see, McElroy destroyed Valenti before she could take a sip of male tears or indeed utter a single word.

This was such a bad showing for Valenti (and a brilliant one for McElroy) that Valenti and her agent have, according to our sources, threatened legal actions against those publishing this video, including Wendy McElroy. It was removed from YouTube after a DMCA complaint, despite the fact that there is no evidence so far that Valenti has any claim to the copyright of the video, which was filmed by Brown University. Brown reportedly does not release contract details about their videos. That fact makes this a news story, which allows us under law to report on it and include the video.

One of the main problems other than lacking any credible rebuttal to McElroy’s arguments was that Valenti invoked Emma Sulkowitz, aka Mattress Girl, as her primary example of “Rape Culture.”

Almost immediately after the debate, Mattress Girl’s rape story unraveled into the carnival act of obvious fraud it is today.

In watching this video it will become evident to you why Valenti desperately wants it vaporized. It is her worst ever nightmare of public comeuppance.

Unfortunately for Jessica, the video is assured to be available and spread in perpetuity right here at A Voice for Men.

Kudos to McElroy for an astounding performance and to the United States Constitution for freedom of the press.

Make popcorn and watch here.

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