The Rooshing of AVFM?

We currently have part one of an interview with RooshV done by Mumia Ali. I have already stumbled on “some internet guy” on Reddit having a cow over the article for allowing someone like Roosh a platform here – because Roosh has talked a lot of smack about MRAs. I personally don’t see a problem. He is a notable person in the world of modern men, and by the way I have taken more than a couple of shots at him myself. I figure it only appropriate and fair to let him have this temporary unabridged platform here. I am thankful to him and to Ali for making it happen.

It also gives me the opportunity to say again (minus the internet pissing match stuff) why I find so little merit in the concept of PUA and why I see little benefit in it for most men.

I will keep it short. The fact is that every problem I have ever had with women goes back to my gynocentric mistakes, the primary among them the abandonment of my values for the sake of sex and/or “acceptance.”

The minute I figured out that my problem was not having a set of personal values strongly enough held that no woman could make me budge from them was the same minute I found a path to attract women, cull out the trash without drama or expense and to maintain a relationship with no pussy passes or princess bullshit. It is not that I never have to deal with that stuff from time to time, but I never, ever let it slide. My dick has not been the worse for it.

When I got to the point that I could look at woman in the eye and tell her I was not interested in being anyone’s knight in shining armor and that dinner with me meant finding your purse when the check came — and not give a single fuck about the women who could not handle it — I cleared the way for one who could.

All of these are values choices. They all reflect how I see myself, what I think is right or wrong for me, what I want and don’t want. All it takes is having the resolve to live that way even if it makes kittens bleed.

I still think shows, pretending to be something you are not in order boost your “effectiveness” with women is just a hair-brained alternative to the more sensible and simpler path of owning your life and your standards without compromise. No acting required. No gamesmanship. No trying to pass shit tests while pretending you are not selling yourself out. Just a strong rudder on your morality ship, with a skipper that acts like one.

That attracts women, too, btw.

Roosh apparently says he moved overseas to have sex with a better class of women. It seems strange to me, this apparently powerful force to change women called geography. With all respect to Roosh, it is a lot more about what you attract than in where you live.

That is not to say that what people like Roosh have to say is not at all useful. I think a lot of the knowledge of the female psychology found in PUA circles is very sound. And I have heard a fair amount of talk about “Inner Game” which would be much more complimentary to what I am writing here. But that is hardly a visible entity in the PUA community so far. If Inner Game is actually a thing, some better efforts to market it would be helpful.

As far as helping men, it is my experience that men who develop a strong sense of self by drawing lines in the sand about what they will and won’t accept from women, and from themselves, usually don’t need it. They are doing just fine.

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