The Red Pill meets goals

As those of you following Cassie Jaye’s Kickstarter for her movie The Red Pill know, she has reached her goal of $97,000 as of earlier today. I’d like to extend my congratulations to her and my best wishes for her efforts to reach her stretch goal so she can produce an even higher quality movie.

Even though the victory goes to Ms. Jaye, I have the need to offer up some thanks.

For the past six years AVFM has had mud kicked in its face by a corrupt, left-wing media. Bottom feeders like Adam Serwer, Jeff Sharlet and Mariah Blake have performed endless unscrupulous acts, directly lying to their readers in order to attack AVFM, this movement and me personally.

Their work was not just to harm me, or to damage a website but to make sure if they could that the message we carry never found its way to the larger public. Their intent was and is to paint an indelible stain on all of us so hideous that we would never be taken seriously by enough people to matter.

They have failed, and I can now predict that they have failed miserably.

Cassie Jaye, a young but highly accomplished filmmaker engaged me two and half years ago because she wanted to make a movie about the MHRM. We entered a tenuous relationship, neither of us fully trusting the other, near all of that mistrust attributable to the hacks mentioned above and others of their ilk. I am indeed not sure that either of us will ever fully get over that.

What I believe though, is that Cassie Jaye is a filmmaker with integrity. She takes on controversial subjects and allows the lens to bring them into focus in the minds of her audience. I believe that this is what Cassie Jaye will do with this movie. If the extended trailer was any indication of it, I will be proven right beyond doubt.

I also know for a fact that she has suffered for her convictions. If she hadn’t, no fundraiser would have been needed for her, a feminist Cannes winner for Best Documentary.

Enough of that for now. I want to offer some thanks. To Milo Yiannopoulos for smashing the ball over the fence with yesterday’s piece on the project and its funding troubles, creating frenetic participation in the drive. Thanks also to Mike Cernovich for coming in at precisely the right moment to offer 10k in matching funds — assuring that the goal would be met. Thanks must also go to the 10k donors, the 5k donors, the 5 dollar donors and everyone in between.

And of course, thanks to Cassie Jaye of Jaye Bird productions for delivering to the world exactly what it needs to hear – all sides of the story. From where we sit around here, that was all that was ever needed.

I note that many of these people, maybe most of them, are people that have had issues or concerns about us at one time or another. Whatever reservations they had about the Men’s Human Rights Movement they set them aside for the principle of a fair hearing for people with ideas.

All those donors, over a thousand of them, saw the same trailer that you did. There was no mistaking its message, and they coughed up hard earned money to help allow us to be heard.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all of them.

Now sit back and watch this again. Enjoy it for a moment, because distribution on this thing is bound to be one hell of a ride and we will be following all of it.



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