The Raw Story – slightly cooked

The title of this article is oddly fitting. First, the name “Raw Story” refers both to an online publication, and also the kind of story you get when you hear all sides without any key voices being silenced.

Interestingly, The Raw Story (a publication that claims to promote independent journalism) does not seem to possess the virtues consistent with its brand. It seems to prefer its “raw” stories just a bit cooked after all.

Travis Gettys is gonna give it to you raw
Travis Gettys is gonna give it to you raw

Travis Gettys has cooked an appetizing piece on Chris Mackney’s suicide letter. He kicked it up a naw’tch by using my stunning face as the featured image since I read Mackney’s suicide letter and encouraged the public to circulate the original footage.

The article reception was mixed. Some comments were sympathetic to Mackney, while others were openly anti-Mackney and anti-MHRA.

But one thing held constant in comment moderation of Gettys’ article: MHRAs are not allowed.

Peter Nolan was not censored as aggressively as others, most likely because he’s more consistent with what The Raw—I mean “The Cooked” Story wants people to see as representative of the MHRA perspective. To be fair, Nolan claimed to need to create a new account to subvert being banned. Resident grandwizard and rapey beaty beardman Dean Esmay smelled the misrepresentation sizzling on the grill, but unfortunately an apple was shoved in his mouth, and he was used to garnish a bowl of Shut the Fuck Up a la Gordon Ramsay.


Dean censored on Raw Story

You’d think that the use of my picture is an implied invitation to sit down at the table and comment over some tea and biscuits, but that’s why you’re not a journalist, I guess.

Curses! Foiled again!
Well, they seem like nice people.

This is indicative of a bad journalistic habit, not an isolated mistake. John Hembling was also thrown under the bus a while back by being cast as the rape apologist that ideologues desperately want to believe exists, without bothering to note the context in which that video was made, ask any questions of a man who’s very easy to reach, or even linking to his YouTube channel so they could see things like what his video was really all about.

Bugger actually contacting him to ask about it (said contact information being, again, astonishingly easy to find), they don’t even let people who know him and what he’s really about comment. Do you spot a pattern here?

So, if The Raw Story feels I am misrepresenting their attitudes, then they must admit that is what they do themselves. But I am not excusing my speculations of character. In fact, I will be the actual journalist here by acknowledging the possibility that I am misrepresenting The Raw Story.

After all, I am fallible.

So if I am being unfair to The Raw Story, then I challenge The Raw Story to give us the raw story.

Silence will serve as evidence that my character judgments are not speculation, but fact.

But let’s not lose sight of the topic. Chris Mackney publicly published a suicide note, committed suicide, then his ex-wife attempted to claim the suicide note as intellectual property. A DMCA claim was filed against A Voice For Men demanding the removal of the note from the AVFM Forums, and the Randazza Legal Group responded with the most elegant “Fuck you” a lawyer could possibly articulate.

An open-minded, curious individual would want to know the raw story, including facts on what fathers go through in family courts. The intellectually healthy will look past character judgements to begin with and seek the facts about Mackney, assuming that Dina Mackney and her thugs at Bean, Kinney and Korman have not already removed them from public view.

We are the ones providing the raw story. Mackney died and openly shared his last words in a Hail Mary attempt to warn the public of the nightmares men face in custody hearings.

The Raw Story cooked the facts to make them tasty and easy to swallow, but at the cost of vital intellectual nutrients that are part of this complete breakfast.

The red, bloody truth is not easy to swallow, nor is it tasty.

Question is, are you an adventurous eater?

ADDENDUM: Here is an archive with screenshots of deleted comments alongside verbal abuse by anti-M(H)RAs that made the cut. There are over a thousand comments on the article now, so be sure visit that thread for full context. Remember kids, if you are not popular, you’re wrong! -VZ

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