The Power of Divorce…

Wranglerstar is a homesteader on the prepper spectrum, and a he’s religious trad-con but doesn’t feel the need to press the issue, as far as I’ve seen. He has some interesting videos where he builds things from scratch and shares his “warbags“. He’s not an MRA, as far as anything he’s put out, so seeing the following video, there wasn’t much more that he could say, other than to offer empathetic support. However, it got me to thinking, just where do the majority of divorced sons go to learn skills they’re expected just to know?

Jesse, came across Wranglerstar, a prepper, a homesteader.

MRA’s have a habit of telling broken men to look up MGTOW. But what if these broken men need something more substantial? There are experimental schools out there that provide kids “hands on the world” education, and their boys are succeeding and surpassing public school expectations. Just another option to think about.

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