The myth of female voicelessness

Feminists lie all the time. They don’t misspeak or misinterpret the facts. They know they are lying and they know that they continually get away with it because no-one has the courage or the public platform to call them out when they do.

The very fact that no-one in our media or government dares to point out the truth demonstrates where the real power resides.

One line often spoken by ranting feminists in debates or lectures in universities and the media is that women to this very day have no voice. To prove this assertion, they point to the number of men in positions of power in our government and compare that to the number of women. It always seems a little ironic that so many women in powerful public positions are those who complain most loudly of their lack of voice.

Women only constitute one third of all politicians they proclaim. This clearly shows men still dominate our society. Men hold the power. Most men sit in silence, apparently shamed by the stunning clarity of this argument.

They are either cowards or stupid fools.

My first response to this ridiculous assertion would be this.  Please point out to me exactly how men as a group, have benefited by the fact that there are more men in governmental positions. The answer is of course, there have been absolutely no benefits or advantages afforded to males despite their dominance in the political sphere.

My next step would be to point out the countless advantages/privileges women have been given by male dominated governments during the past few decades.

Let’s list them:

  • There is a minister for the Status of Women-none for men.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars are devoted to the prevention of violence against women. Almost zero money goes into prevention of violence against men
  • Women receive generous maternity leave-men only recently won a paltry week or two which recent surveys say are often not taken for fear of their position at work being affected.
  • Women have reproductive rights protected by law-men have none.
  • Women are almost always the default winners of custody of the children in a marriage break up simply because they are women.
  • Women are supported with quotas and affirmative action to gain employment that men have had to earn through merit. Quotas are never used to promote gender equity in workplaces dominated by women.
  • Genital mutilation of girls is against the law. Genital mutilation of boys is permitted.
  • Women receive far more lenient sentencing than men for committing the same crime. Men receive on average 63% longer terms in prison.
  • Funding for women’s health far exceeds that provided for men’s health.
  • Entry standards into the army and police force are lowered to enable more women to enter these professions.
  • Women have the right to call drunken, coerced sex, rape. Men do not.
  • Women have the right to exclusive tax benefits for being a business owner
  • Countless domestic violence shelters have been provided for women. There are none for men.
  • In a domestic dispute woman are always presumed to be the victim and the man automatically cuffed and arrested.
  • Women can choose to kill their unborn child without the man having any say in the matter but if she decides to have the baby he is legally bound to financially support it until adulthood.
  • Businesses are permitted to advertise for women only to fill job positions but are not permitted to advertise for men only. The Equal Opportunity Board has given the green light to discrimination in favour of women.


Given these facts, we can see that governments dominated by men overwhelmingly give their attention and more importantly funding to help improve, protect and support the well being of women and girls and ignore or downplay the many terrible issues damaging men and boys This is indisputable.

The second aspect of the argument of women having no voice pertains to the media in all its varied forms. Feminists insist that our newspapers, news outlets and radio stations are dominated by males and this again is proof of the lack of a voice for women in our society.

Once again, nothing could be further from the truth. If we were to count the number of radio shows hosted by men or check the gender diversity of major newsrooms we may well find that more men are behind the microphone or in front of the camera (though I would question this regarding our newsrooms on television). But let’s agree, for argument’s sake that men indeed are the predominant gender in the media.

What do men talk about on our radios and televisions or write about in our newspapers?

They focus on economics, sport and politics. Their discussion or editorializing is entirely gender neutral, however if they do focus upon gender as an issue it is always to speak in support of women’s issues be it health, domestic violence or financial security. This support is manifested in men often raising millions of dollars for women’s health initiatives like breast cancer or ovarian cancer.

It is incredibly rare to hear any male in the media speak about the countless societal injustices and obstacles facing men and boys. If they dare to do so it is usually presented with an almost apologetic tone and an insistence that this should in no way deflect from the importance of focusing on women’s issues.

Now. Let’s focus on the women in our media. What do women write about or speak about from their public pulpits?

They talk about women’s issues.

Every day they write endlessly about things which women must endure or suffer whilst often laying the blame for this purgatory at the feet of men. Whether it be violence against women (the only violence that concerns feminists), women’s health (I am yet to hear of a women’s sporting group or any other female group raising funds for male specific diseases) or promulgating debunked myths like gender being the reason for the pay gap between the genders, this is the all consuming subject matter for women.

They whine about sexism in politics, never for one moment acknowledging that males are abused and judged even more harshly than females. Men do not exist in this female media realm except as perpetrators and oppressors.

These women write about nothing else. Think of journalists here in Australia. Susie O’Brien, Wendy Tuohy, Clementine Ford, Mia Freedman, Kasey Edwards, Tracey Spicer, Jane Gilmore, Jessica Rowe, Kathy Lette and many more who write exclusively about women and what affects them with little or no regard for males other than as mentioned before-perpetrators of one form of oppression or another.

There is not one male journalist in any form of mainstream media who does for men what these women do for females. In other words men are the truly voiceless gender when it comes to the promotion of issues which most deeply affect their fellow males.

When any man dares to speak out about men’s issues or questions the endlessly self-serving and often hateful feminist agenda he is immediately branded a misogynist, a supporter of violence against women and rape or someone who is threatened by powerful, successful women. It does not matter if this man’s life and the way he has lived it make a lie of each one of these accusations. A three-minute interview is never going to provide him with an opportunity to defend himself against such vile slurs.

Women in power routinely speak about their desire and aim to improve women’s lives, to seek better work environments and more favorable conditions for women, to pour yet more funds into fighting violence against women and no-one is concerned or dares question this blatantly bigoted approach to politics. Sadly, the male politicians do exactly the same-whether it be Obama in America, a conservative like Tony Abbott or Malcolm Turnbull, or a left-wing union man like Bill Shorten-the one thing that unites them is their obsession with women’s issues and their total disregard for the men they are meant to represent with equal concern and fervor.

If any of the societal ills which overwhelmingly affect men-suicide, homelessness, workplace death and injury, plummeting university enrolments, biased sentencing based solely upon their gender, Family Court bias and reproductive rights were in fact affecting women in the way they are men, there would be outcries proclaiming our national shame over the lack of value we place upon the lives of the women and girls in our society. But it is men who are suffering, and for most people in power, this simply doesn’t concern them.

Yet feminists continue to tell the young people in our universities or audiences at talk shows or the broader community during election campaigns the same big, fat lie-women still don’t have equality and it’s a national disgrace which must be addressed.

People nod solemnly and do not dare to contradict this lie.

Let me demolish another myth before I finish.

I was recently standing in a Kmart store in a Melbourne shopping Centre with my wife. We were looking for a clothing shop for men and it was a challenging task.

We began to marvel at the endless array of shops catering only to the needs and tastes of women. We saw handbag shops, shoe shops, nail salons, hairdressing salons, perfume and make up stalls, jewelry stores, countless clothing outlets and even in the larger stores which held men’s clothing, the merchandise and actual area devoted to men’s accessories was truly insignificant in relation to the floor space provided for the goods targeting women and girls.

It was astonishing. I think a simple trip to the local shopping mall would or should open the eyes of every female, even those who have been brainwashed in gender study classes.

The Kmart store seemed to demolish a few feminist myths simply by existing. Who is the store’s biggest marketing audience? Women and girls. How do stores decide who they will target? They do it with very thorough research and their daily experience which tells them it is women who spend the most money in their shops. So, what does this tell us about the economic impoverishment of women we are so often told about? It tells us this too, is a myth. Women are our society’s biggest consumers and often they are spending money they didn’t personally earn. Hardly the kind of environment one would expect to find in a culture that oppresses women and does all in its power to look after men.

It also destroys the myth that gender is a social construct. Feminism has spent decades telling girls they should drive tractors and wear pants, yet to this day it is the nail salons, hairdressers, dress shops and jewelry stores which continue to rake in the profits because girls are still naturally drawn to these things.

Who would have thought a Kmart store could provide such an eye-opening education for those who are willing to look and learn?

Feminism is based upon lies, myths and half-truths. It has thrived in recent decades due to the apathy and cowardice of men and the manipulative, power hungry women in this movement who crave the very thing they claim to despise in men — power, privilege and entitlement. Sadly, it seems they have succeeded.


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