The military’s non-existent sexual assault epidemic show’s no bounds

I have written on this site as well as other sites of some truly remarkable military court-martial cases, that in a reasonable common sense world would not even reach the front door of a civilian prosecutor’s office.  In fact, during my career, if I had the temerity to present a case like many of the military cases I routinely see, I would have been removed from my assignment and instead been placed in charge of parking tickets.

Every day in military courtrooms, servicemen are being tried, convicted and incarcerated for sexual assault cases that never happened.  Let me say that again, tried, convicted and incarcerated for sexual assault cases that never fucking happened!

Now; while I will agree that sexual assaults in the military DO happen, a significantly high number of these allegations are brought about based on allegations from vindictive divorcing wives, vengeful ex-girlfriends who have just been dumped, or others who regret a consensual encounter, then weeks months or even years later decide that they have been sexually assaulted.

Let’s also factor in the scores of military females who have filed false allegations in order to get a preferential duty assignment, to avoid a deployment, to cover-up an adulterous affair, to reunite with a lesbian lover, or to score big in the form of transitional compensation payments and VA benefits.  The stories are out there and they are endless.

Literally, the Department of Defense has created a financially lucrative pot of gold that many are cashing in.  All you have to do is make an allegation of sexual assault and you can immediately cash in for big bucks.  Even if the allegations are proved to be false, there is little to no chance that a false accuser will ever be held accountable.  In the meantime, scores of good and honorable servicemen have been convicted of military sex crimes, losing their families and friends, rendering them bankrupt with nothing left and many times incarcerated for decades with little to no hope of freedom.  Some have even committed suicide.

I and many others have extensively documented the ‘myth’ of the sexual assault epidemic in the U.S. military.  The data, articles and facts are staggering.

As I said, sexual assaults do happen in the military, but let’s exercise a microgram of common sense here for a moment.  Does anyone, in their right mind actually believe that the rate of sexual assault in the military is 40 times greater than in the City of Detroit; a city that has been run by Democrats for over 50 years; a city that is a decaying toilet mess and a place that if it were a separate country, would be the most violent country on this planet?

Really?  Think about that for a moment.  If you believe the delusional masses in the hysterical rape culture cottage industry, a woman has a greater chance of being raped in the military than if she walked around the City of Detroit; a city which has the highest per capita number of convicts and parolees, just above Oakland, naked, at 3 am holding a neon sign that said “Rape Me.’

Just as the documentary film, ‘The Red Pill’ so eloquently depicts, the conversation, policy and law are now being dictated by the small number of extreme radicals.  Disingenuous and delusional politicians like senators Kirstin Gillibrand and Claire McCaskill see rapists in the military behind every tank, Humvee and in every foxhole.

It reminds me of that scene in the movie The Sixth Sense in which the young boy in the movie says, “I see dead people.”

I could on ad nausea about the Department of Defenses’ ‘brilliant’ surveys that cost millions in which they extrapolated the vast numbers of sexual assaults that include words, glances, whistles or regret.  Almost anything right now can be construed as sexual assault.

Again, a simple Google search, taking no more than a few seconds will unveil the hypocrisy and lunacy of the military’s handling of accusations of sexual assault.

Exacerbating the problem are commanders who fail miserably in their duty and send virtually any and all allegations of sexual misconduct to court-martial, even in the most ridiculous of cases; cases of which on their face, are more akin to delusion and hallucination.  Disingenuous and corrupt military prosecutors, looking for that next promotion, instantaneously jump on the bandwagon, intent, come hell or high water to convict by any means necessary.

The concept of actually conducting a fair and impartial military investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct are non-existent.  Military law enforcement agents routinely use intimidation and threats to extract information from potential defense witnesses and the accused.  In one instance, military prosecutors placed a defense witness of a serviceman accused of sexual assault on a no-fly list, to prevent that witness from entering the country to testify.

Irrelevant, invented, or manufactured additional charges are stacked like cordwood at a Bed and Breakfast on top of sexual misconduct allegations

Let’s be clear.  Whenever a certain political party or special interest group wants to promote an agenda, they have to create an ‘epidemic’ or make claims that the problem is getting worse.  In order to create an epidemic, they have to present a survey or study that supports their agenda.  When the epidemic is supported by their handpicked, manufactured, or extrapolated study or survey, the epidemic must be eradicated using the most extreme and barbaric methods.

When some women were accused of witchcraft in Salem Massachusetts during the late 1600’s, kangaroo courts were convened and more than two dozen women were hung and others died while in prison.

In the mid 1980’s another panic struck the country with the McMartin Pre-School child abuse hysteria.  In that scenario, a mother of a toddler who was later diagnosed as being a paranoid schizophrenic, accused McMartin employees of engaging in satanic rituals with children, torturing and sacrificing animals, and torturing and sometimes sacrificing young children.

The hysteria swept the country and thousands were swept up in the process; or should I say, the madness.  The satanic child sacrificing cottage industry; self-proclaimed experts in child psychology, came crawling out from under their rocks to spread their delusions and to cash in with all of those taxpayer dollars to conduct their ‘expert’ analysis’s.  They made claims that more than 50,000 children a year were being kidnapped by strangers in the country and approximately 4,000 were systematically being sacrificed in various demonic and satanic rituals.  There was only one problem.  Department of Justice actual crime statistics revealed that only 60-70 children are actually kidnapped by strangers every year.  Of course, one is unacceptable but it is a far cry from 50,000.

Just like senators’ Gillibrand, McCaskill, Ayotte and many others in their camp who see sexual predators behind every military tank and in every college campus fraternity, the child satanic and sacrificial cottage industry self-proclaimed “experts in the mid-80’s; their claims are in complete opposition of actual cases and are devoid of common sense.

Does any of this sound familiar yet

Let’s not forget the ‘Jim Crow’ era in the South where, under the ‘Black Codes,’ scores of black males were arbitrarily lynched and hung based on nothing more than an accusation of rape by a white female.

With all of this hysteria surrounding the non-existent sexual assault epidemic in the military, draconian measures in the military justice system have been developed.  Always believe the victim, victim centered investigations, and ignoring evidence of innocence is the norm.  Prosecutorial and military law enforcement misconduct is the norm involving allegations of sexual misconduct.

Military prosecutors routinely block defense evidence and defense witnesses and employ circus style evidence, theories and expert witnesses like counter-intuitive behavioral specialists, whatever the hell that is.

If a similar pattern of justice was being directed at a specific group such as blacks, Hispanics, muslims, gays, or any group that is not white and male; or in this case just male, the mainstream media would be shrieking their collective progressive heads off and would be immediately screaming for ‘reform.’

Military sexual assault and harassment training programs are constant, relentless, and never ending.  One serviceman once sent me a picture of sexual assault and harassment brochures that were taped above each of the urinals in a men’s restroom at one military base.  In another scenario, an electronic billboard at one military base encouraged women to leave their abusive military husbands or boyfriends, implying that only men are abusers and only women are victims.  Upon a written letter of protest from the National Coalition for Men, the sign was taken down.

All costs of these programs, training sessions, prosecutions, experts, and benefit packages in the DoD run into the hundreds of millions of dollars; perhaps into the billions.

I’m going to provide you with a couple of links to show; once again, of the sheer lunacy and waste of the Department of Defense’s approach to the prevention of sexual assault and harassment.  You have to remember that sometimes these things are hard to find or discover, and once they are brought to the attention of the general public, they are usually shut down, and getting honest information from the DoD is virtually impossible.

In 2015, the Pentagon paid some type of self-proclaimed expert $10,000 to provide the Air Force with….. now get this….. don’t laugh….. “May I Kiss You Training.”  That’s right, I did not make a typo and I’m not making this up.  I consider myself an individual with above average intelligence, analytical skills and creativity, and I couldn’t have even thought this shit up.

From what rape culture planet in the galaxy do they find these people?  Maybe they got the idea from watching reruns of the 1996 movie ‘Independence Day’ where the long-haired Dr. Okun explains to the president that the aliens communicate with each via, non-verbal means; “telepathy perhaps?”

Apparently, this ‘trainer’ provided three 60-90-minute training sessions, so in short, he was paid about $2,500 an hour.  Whiskey! Tango! Foxtrot! Over.

According to this trainer, and I’m not going to use his name so as not to give him any more publicity, but it’s in the link, proclaimed that a husband must ask his wife for permission each and every time he wants to kiss her.  If not, it’s rape.

From what I can tell, it seems as though the ‘May I Kiss You’ training program has ended.

I told you not to laugh.  Okay, okay, now pick yourself up off the floor.  If you have spit out your coffee all over your keyboard or computer screen, take a few moments, clean it up, and I will not be responsible for any damage you cause to your computer, because it gets better.

Okay, now don’t eat or drink anything when you read the following.  Remember; you just spit out your coffee all over your computer, so this is a disclaimer.  Don’t have any open flames nearby like a candle or a fireplace, because the next one will cause you to throw something in the room.

In 2016, the Air Force forced Airman to attend a training session to properly learn how to put on a condom.  I told you not to laugh again.  I wonder if anyone complained or was offended by being forced to handle a rubber or plastic penis?

Imagine that, with Vets being denied medical services at the VA, with some dying, the rocket scientists and brain surgeons at the DoD can somehow find the funds to provide these training programs.

I, and I’m sure many those reading this post and many others I have penned, are of the opinion that the Department of Defense is in a state of lunacy in their approach to the whole sexual assault and harassment issue.

I have to admit; I was wrong.  They are in a state of Schizophrenia.

Just as the torch carrying mobs of Salem; the rope carrying mobs of Jim Crow; the hundreds of McMartin parents protesting in the streets of Manhattan Beach, we now have the rape culture mobs of the 21st century at our college campuses and in our military.

OK folks, let’s take the tin foil off our heads now.  Let’s all use that little organ in our heads called a brain.  Let’s interject a modicum of common sense here and help, assist, and provide services from those who have actually been sexually assaulted; both women and men.  Let’s filter through the lying vengeful ex-wives, dumped girlfriends, and the malignant narcissists wanting to get their introductions at ‘take back the night rallies and to post their selfies’ at rallies to the social media pages, with the trigger words of ‘brave,’ ‘hero,’ and ‘survivor.’  Those titles belong to actual victims rather than Jackie from UVA, mattress-girl from Columbia, the drunk crack-head stripper from Duke, or the pathological lying waitress from Fort Campbell.

On January 20th, 2017, a new administration will be sworn in and various cabinet positions will soon follow.  Adults will be back in charge and there is hope that common sense and realism will factor in decision making, rather than delusion, hysteria, and name calling.




Feature image: A U.S. Soldier asks Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr., a question, during the 3rd Annual Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Prevention Summit, in Arlington, Va. Mar. 30, 2010 – Wikipedia Commons

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