The Media’s coverage of online abuse of women vs men

Recently, I heard that feminists such as Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and Randi Harper were invited to a panel about abuse hosted by Google Ideas, which is “supposedly” a think tank for promoting democracy. Google Ideas even used “kafkatrapping” by claiming that the responses to their tweet justified the panel, yet provided no evidence. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks wrote an essay saying that Google Ideas was an imperialist initiative in disguise.

My point is, looking at the picture, it seems that most of the participants were women.  However, there is one man I have heard of whose story has never been told in the media, but I have heard about his abuse for years.  His name is Christian Weston Chandler, and he is an autistic man in this thirties in the state of Virginia who still lives with his parents.  Ever since around 2007, he has been the target of much online abuse.  He was discovered when an employer at a cards store that he frequented posted about him online, and people have been looking for personal information about him ever since. The Sonichu website is an entire website about his life.  To be sure, he says and does a lot of inappropriate things, but a lot of the trolling that he faces is unjustified.  He has been manipulated online by many people looking to bully him into submission.

Some examples include getting him to send his personal possessions, pretending to be love interests, and blackmailing him with stolen information.  “Blanca Weiss” was a trio of trolls who tricked Chris-Chan into sending them a prized possession of his, the “Sonichu Medallion” by pretending to be romantically interested in him.  This medallion was created out of an anime character that he invented, called Sonichu.  They uploaded a video of the medallion’s destruction to Youtube. Jack Thaddeus was the name of a troll that hacked Christian’s PSN information, and blackmailed him for it into humping his PS3 on live video.  Needless to say, he did not return the information. Many other trolls, such as “BlueSpike”, who pretended to be a girl named Julie, pretended to fall in love with him online and used it to make a mockery of him through chat logs.

At his level of Autism, he has difficulty distinguishing between what is appropriate and inappropriate, so he has often been tricked into sending personal information to people that request it by email.  One thing that he revealed was that he tried to attract women using a cardboard sign listing the characteristics that he was looking for in a woman, and even sent a picture of the sign. He also revealed information about his childhood, his high school, and his years at community college.  He has made many videos online, where he acts strangely and rants about random topics, and instead of finding help for him, they belittle him.

It is inappropriate to mock someone like him in this kind of mental state.  Instead, he should be referred to appropriate mental health care.  Yet it seems at this point, there is no advocacy group covering for him.  Rather, many people online basically justify it by calling out inappropriate things he says and does.  Unfortunately, the media focuses only on a small group of able-bodied feminists that exaggerate their victimhood, and ignores people in his living conditions.

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