The little boy carrying flowers to Janet Bloomfield – #womenagainstfeminism

It is a long radio segment and a lot of parts are hard to listen to—the smooth Aussie voices are soothing, but the dull feminist boilerplate they spew ranges from dumb to rage-inducing.

Still, the presenter/moderator, Natasha Mitchell, was surprisingly fair, and our intrepid JudgyBitch, Janet Bloomfield, held her own and carried the day during her interview with Australian Radio—a show that had plenty of fireworks along the way and built slowly and painfully to a devastatingly moving surprise ending. The editors here at AVfM debated whether to edit it or not—and we still might; do feminists clone their numb-skull fanatical callers in vats of snake oil?—but for now, here it is complete in all its wonderful and wretched glory.

Please try to hang on until the end—or skip ahead to the 51:00 minute mark if you must—but the next-to-last caller to the broadcast has an incredible story of what feminists did to her middle child, a five-year-old boy.  When the show (finally!) gets back to her at 54:00, Janet Bloomfield’s reaction is priceless, and the feminist guests couldn’t run away fast enough.

The gift that this one little boy brings to all of us is the reminder of why we work so hard to build a world where both boys and girls can grow up knowing they are loved for whom they are by parents who share their trials and struggles with them, together, in the healthy families that every child deserves.

Buh bye, feminism.


Note: Article also available in Swedish.

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