The limited horizon of “Game”

Let me highlight what I consider to be the prime reason for the myopia of the entire PUA scene. It can be summarized as one word: pussy.

The image people in the game community like to portray is that they are all pussy-slayers of the highest caliber. They revere their “gurus”, even though many of them have little to no experience with women. Some are even less experienced than many of the feeble men they count as their followers. There have been spectacular revelations, such as that one of the most “famous” gurus has only dated two women in his entire life. That guy is 40 or 50, so time couldn’t have been the issue. Then there was some other PUA who was somewhat in the media spotlight some years ago — he has only had sex with a grand total of one woman before styling himself to be a pickup guru.

This scene is incredibly fucked up. Basically, you get all those men who, for whatever reason, couldn’t even get laid in a brothel. At the same time, many of them hold the absurd belief that if they only got laid, or if they only had a girlfriend, then their life would be complete. Instead of misery, everything would be unicorns and rainbows. They sure have been drinking the Hollywood kool-aid. But is pussy really the answer, or the potential beginning of much bigger problems? If anything, there seems to be hardly any awareness of all the serious potential problems that stem from getting involved with women, and I’m not just thinking of STDs.

Let’s talk about some of those issues.

First, there are guys out there who advocate hitting on basically any woman. They say it’s no problem if she’s drunk because she’s only drinking to have some “plausible deniability” for her behavior, should she go home with some dude. Well, there is some truth to that. However, her being drunk will put you in a very unfortunate situation should she remember the next day that she actually does have a boyfriend. A false rape accusation is the easy way out for her, and there are countless stories to be found online of guys who ended up in this exact same situation.

Too bad for Mister PUA, though. He listened to the call of his cock instead of the call of reason. You could be forgiven for thinking that PUAs would rather deal with a false rape accusation than not getting laid at all. Sure, you could say that the risk is comparatively small, and this may be true, but why would you enter a deal where you could only get a modest gain, when there is also the risk of an unlimited downside?

Then, there is this trend that people write about how they “game their wife,” so that she has sex with them. Here’s a big question for that kind of “gamer”: How did you end marrying a woman who doesn’t want to have sex with you? Marriage is a legal minefield, so I hope that all the PUAs who “quit the game,” after they ran into some single mom who realized that she had found a meal ticket, did their homework — instead of thinking that by “gaming their wife” they’ll keep her on her toes? If you think that the downside of getting involved with a drunk girl was bad, then you’ll surely agree that this is nothing compared to the situation of guys who marry women despite countless red flags. How does “game” help you with that? Oh, I forgot, you just game your wife and everything will be fine and dandy.

The standard explanation when things didn’t work out, no matter whether the PUA was hitting on a chick in a bar but got turned down, or just received his divorce papers in the mail, is rather peculiar. The reason is always that there was a problem with his “game.” What about acknowledging that many women behave in a highly erratic manner, which means that you’ll put yourself at risk, and as a consequence you shouldn’t even think of bothering with her? Regarding the sky-high divorce rate of our times, you’d have to be pretty naive to think that there are no women out there who primarily have an economic motive when getting involved with you. But don’t worry, bro, maybe you can “game” the judge, too, and get out of supporting your ex-wife for decades.

The legal system is stacked against men, and I applaud any guy who chooses to go his own way, considering the many obstacles society has put up. Some say that having kids is the greatest joy in life. Sadly, the legal system is set up in a way that it’s almost impossible for the mother not to get custody. She could be a drug abuser, and have a criminal record, and still the assumption would be that it’s better for the kid to stay with the mother–no matter how the law is written, this is still how most judges think and they accept almost any excuse to make it so. If she then denies visitation rights to the father, in most cases she won’t even get a slap on the wrist.

On the other hand, should the father not pay, or be unfortunate that he can’t pay as much as the court determined he has to pay, based on some pie-in-the-sky calculation of his “imputed income,” he can end up in prison. How would “game” help you with that, bro? To me it seems that if you can’t get laid, instead of picking a girl from a questionable background, you’re infinitely better off going your own way. And even if you have women chasing after you, it’s a good idea to generally be apprehensive about getting involved with one.

When I was a boy, I asked a friend of my father why he didn’t have a wife. He then looked at me, nodded, and described his decision not to marry with the following allegory:

“Imagine you can chose between two bridges. One of the bridges looks very stable, but some say it’s lonely to walk on it. But there is another bridge, and everybody tells you to go that way. It’s supposed to lead to a much happier place. Yet, when you ask them about their happiness, they have a hard time showing any proof. All you seem to hear is that they argue in the distance, when they think they are out of earshot. You then walk up to that bridge, and look down into the valley. Then you notice that there are countless dead bodies scattered between the rocks. Some of those men slipped, but most were pushed to their death by the person they were traveling with, and thought they could trust. Some guy sits down next to you and says, ’50 % of the men who attempt to cross that bridge don’t make it. They lose everything.'”

Then he looked at me and asked, “Now tell me, why do you think I didn’t want to take a wife?”

I think there is a big difference between mature men who chose a certain course of action, while being fully aware of the risks, and guys who rush headlong into misfortune. I’ve seen guys getting wrecked in a divorce. I know guys who have to support their ex-wives because she’s too lazy to get a job. Or too busy fucking some new guy. I also know of guys who barely see their children, because their mother doesn’t allow it.

Oh, and I certainly know of many women any guy would have to be utterly insane to get involved with for anything more than a one-night stand, if that. Not many of those women seemed to have a problem finding some sucker, though.

But does “game” address any of this? Legal issues, and also the problem of wide-ranging personal consequences if you get involved with the wrong kind of woman aren’t even on the radar for the vast majority of people in the PUA community. They hardly look past the next pussy they hope to pound. However, the more you explore the contemporary legal situation, the more your should realize that getting involved with women is maybe not worth it, considering all the risks. Do your homework, man! The PUAs chant “pussy, pussy, pussy!” and ignore all the issues you might run into if you follow their call all too eagerly. How “alpha” is it to pay alimony for 20 years?

You could even easily end up paying for a kid that isn’t yours. Paternity fraud is common, but for the legal system it’s apparently a non-issue. The way “progressive” governments in many countries deal with it is to ban genetic testing, meaning that you’ll end up in jail if you dare to have your kids DNA tested. Or, in some places, it won’t matter if you have the DNA test, if you were married when she gave birth, that’s it, you’re legally the father. They don’t care whether the kid you’re paying for is actually yours.

Women can claim they got raped or beaten, divorce you on a whim, take your kids, and enslave you to a lifetime of alimony and support payments. This is true in countless places.

No, not all women are out to harm you. Most women aren’t that evil. But there are enough toxic women out there that you should be very careful about whom you intend to get involved with. Frankly, I don’t think that pussy is really worth that price. It’s better to not pursue a woman you’ve got a bad feeling about — or where the pole with the red flag hits you right in the face — than to fall over yourself trying to get laid. This is what I assume mature men do. However, “gamers” belong to a different breed. Like insects swarming around a Venus flytrap, they wonder, “Geez, how bad could this be?”.

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